I’m realizing now (during my busiest week of the semester) how little I’ve tried in the last few years. I don’t mean the effort I’ve put in; I’ve kicked some serious tail in school and I’ve made sure to work as hard as possible to get somewhere in the future. But I haven’t tried new things. I have my main hobby, reading, that I’m turning into a somewhat-career, but after that I stop dead in my tracks. I started the gluten-free thing because I had to. I started to get up earlier because I had to. I do my homework on time because, well, I have to! But I don’t try things. I want to make a habit of practicing yoga; not just a half-assed attempt at going once a month, but going to that peaceful place at least twice a week. I can just imagine the relaxation that the art could bring me. I want to take pictures. There has to be a big book of photographs that I’ve taken from the most random moments in life that I can open up and look at and say, “Hey, remember this?”. I want to remember that, and so much more. I want to cook dinner every night, I want to pick up the guitar again, I want to learn something new. Not because my career depends on it, but because I want to. I need to do things for me, not the me today whose only thought is “how am I going to finish that paper by tomorrow?!” but the me next summer who is settling into a new routine and needs some new interests. Time to make some changes, but for the better.


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