My Best Friend

Well, I figure that since you’re here for whatever reason (I lead a boring life – only expect the occasional surprise!), I might as well start introducing the characters in my life. Today is the day you get to meet Zach.


Z looking quite dapper for a recent job interview.

This is my best friend, confidant, goofball, sweetheart, all-around amazing person. He’s the best person I’ve ever met, and I really would not ever want to change that. Zach hasn’t been in my life for an entirely long time – I couldn’t be that lucky – but Iv’e gotten to have him around full-time for the past two years of my life. We met online (gasp!) and have very much so defeated any stereotype that could have been set in front of us. I had just gotten over my first long term relationship and was ready to meet some new faces, and he was in the same boat…only four years ahead of me. I was just a sophomore in college and he was just rounding out 23 years. After a few horribly creepy just alright dates with two different guys, I saw Zach’s profile and decided to give him a chance. He looked sweet, piqued my interest, and his profile actually made me giggle a bit (he had some crazy curly hair when I first met him, but I loved it right away). From the first night we met, three weeks later, we were inseparable. With the exception of one weekend, I’ve spent my free days with this man and have gotten to know just who he is inside and out.


Can you see why I giggle? Such a goof.

Lately I have found myself watching friends from my younger (much younger) years find their significant others, get engaged, married even, and I have just sat in awe trying to understand how we have gotten to these new places in our lives. We used to see each other every day, walk from our middle school to the local coffee shop and just mess around until it was time to go home. These were people I saw again when I returned to the north for college, people who I feel like I was just talking to yesterday when, in reality, it was three years ago (lets bring that up later). I sometimes find myself asking “What if…”; what if I hadn’t left? Where would I be now? Who would that affect, who would that change? Where would they be now? It’s hard to know the what if’s, because the what if’s can never happen. There is no time machine (that we know of…) that can take us back and allow us to change our decisions. We will never know what would have been.

And I am ok with that.

I love my life, I love where I am, and I love who I’ve become. More than anything, I love the people I have met. I have made and kept so many friendships from returning to Lexington, and I’ve still maintained the best of my old friendships, a true test of their strength. I absolutely love Zach, and I love having him in my life. I ask myself more than anything else “How have I gotten so lucky?!”. I feel like if I ever get too excited about my life it’ll be taken away from me, but I’m just so damn happy to be where I am. Those “what if’s” only cause trouble when they arise, but sometimes in order to truly appreciate what you do have, and those people who you are blessed with, you have to think about it.

I couldn’t want my life to have gone any other way.


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