How a Sleepy Girl Found Some Motivaiton


Motivation is hard to find when you are in your last year of college…working part-time…studying for finals…figuring out a new diet…and SO much more. I hate being that person who whines, but sometimes it is so much easier when you can just let it all out. And lately, Z has been the receiver of all my anxiety, worries, complaints, and every piece of my life that I just need to talk about. Which is more than I realized until I sat down and decided I need to just be more positive. I can be so negative all the time because it is how I’m programmed; if I don’t worry then everything will implode (or so it seems). So, when I began the semester and lost any possible time for a workout schedule, I freaked out. When I found out a week later that I may be gluten-intolerant, exercise was thrown on the back-burner as a new diet took the front page. Cutting out all gluten products made me lost 15 pounds in a month, and I soon after wondered why it was even necessary to introduce exercise again.

As the months progressed, along with my stress levels, I found myself becoming weaker and more easily exhausted. I wondered what was happening, why my body was so tired (I was getting eight or more hours of sleep a night, just what I needed). It finally hit me that the weight I had lost wasn’t only fat, but mostly muscle. I have never been a toned person, but I did have at least a bit of muscle. And now it was gone! I added that new bout of stress to my list, and began to look for a space in my schedule that allowed for exercise. Unfortunately, I found none. Or at least I told myself I couldn’t possibly make more room for another activity in my slam-packed schedule.

Well, I finally decided to call myself out on some serious bullshit. I had PLENTY of time, not every day, but at lest three days out of the week – plenty of time to start a healthy routine! Why wasn’t I doing something about my body? I have never hated my body, but I know that I should be taking better care of it; I am not overweight, but I don’t think that I’m in a healthy area, either. I tried to plan out days for exercise, and for a few weeks I actually kept up with it – until I came up with another excuse. These excuses aren’t even good, and I know that I know myself better. I should have some control over my mind for goodness sake! SO, last week, I told Zach that it was time for me to find that routine. Seeing my next six months in front of me, I know that I have plenty of time to fit routine exercise into my life; getting home by six every night and not leaving the house until 9 three days a week leaves me with no room for excuses, only room for improvement.


Beginning tonight, I have set out a plan for some of my own personal favorite exercise five times a week; two days of relaxed yoga, two of moderate Pilates, and one of Mr. Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior. I find that yoga invigorates me – every time I finish a session, I feel relaxed, clean, and extraordinarily exhausted, my ideal workout. I love the pump of intensity that Pilates brings to the table, and it also gives me just enough cardio to feel my heart working. But mostly, I need my muscle back! I miss having toned arms and the strength to carry a heavy item without straining myself. I already eat fairly healthy, leaving any (limited) unhealthy snacks for the weekend. I am challenging myself to keep this habit up for the course of my winter break, and I will hopefully keep the motivation for the routine through the next six months and beyond. A healthy life starts with what you put in and what you put out, and while my brain may be putting out a lot into academia, my body is only putting a dent into my mattress. I think it’s time to put a dent or two into the yoga mat.


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