The Road to Fitness is Paved with Cravings

I finally started my fitness routine last Monday, a long-awaited change in my life. Let me tell you, it is SO MUCH HARDER THAN I THOUGHT. And the hard part isn’t even working out! I kind of love it, actually. The elliptical and I are becoming fast friends, and that is quite a surprise to me. I love my crazy pants, as Zach calls them, and I love getting my heart rate up and going, even if I would much rather just lay in bed and gallivant through Pinterest. The working out has started well. The “eating well” part, however, is killing me. I think the broccoli are watching me in my sleep, and the strawberries are trying to find a way to make me slip in the shower. Ok, so that may be a little dramatic, but I am really not doing so well on the eating part. All this past week, I have gotten more and more hungry, and I have been craving such crappy food (chocolate). And unfortunately, I have caved a couple more times than I would like to admit in my first week (thanks a lot, chocolate). And now I am only asking myself this one question…


I know keeping it out of the house is step one, but I am not the only person in my house, in fact I am only one out of 4, and I can’t tell them to stop buying chocolate to leave out for everyone. I need to get the willpower to tell myself “No, Rachael. You don’t need chocolate, you just want it. Go drink some water or eat a banana or something.” It is so much easier to make up that dialogue than it is to say it to myself each time I seem to gravitate towards the candy and sweets. Getting rid of pop? I’m doing stellar. Finding a meal balance? Yeah, it’s going pretty well. But as soon as those cravings hit, I’m caving and collecting all the candy I can find. I have to just stop. Plain and simple. This isn’t one of those “only in moderation” moments, because as soon as I start, I find it harder and harder to stop eating it. And if I want to shed the extra layer  holding onto my tummy? I need to stop eating the chocolate.


how can I fit into the crazy pants if I keep scarfing chocolate?!

I think now is the time where I set a little challenge for myself. Seeing how the workouts haven’t failed (yet), I think I should set a goal for myself. Goal number one has been around from the get-go; workout for a month on schedule and I will get to buy a new piece of exercise clothing (probably more crazy pants). Goal number two will be as follows: if I hit all my workout goals for the week, including NO CHOCOLATE/CANDY/SWEETS during the week, I can have one decadent treat on the weekends. I think this is only fair for my body, it sets a motivational goal for myself, as well as one to test my control, and it helps make weekends with Zach much easier (the boy eats all. the. time.). As the new week starts, so does my new challenge. Wish me luck!

Are there any goals you set for yourself to overcome certain struggles? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!


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