The Final Countdown


Like this aptly titled blog post, it’s the final countdown to graduation (for now). The first day of my last semester for undergrad has com and gone, and I am currently stewing in the office wondering how in the world I am going to muster the motivation to finish my college career on the right foot.

I really wish that I could say I made my last semester easy on myself, but what’s the point in lying if the truth is staring me down from across the room? I didn’t do quite as well as I wish I would have, and this is coming from a girl who has managed a 3.0+ GPA in the past 3.5 years. I just took it fairly easy on myself in the middle, with a few 12-13 hour semesters when I could have downed 15 hours in four months, easy. I skipped a semester of Italian because the class was too early, didn’t do so hot in a psychology class, and then I hit the roadblock of my sophomore year I like to call “this is why I will never take another philosophy class again – never!”. And here I am, at the end of my college career, retaking said philosophy class.

Now, I can blame my poor grade on the instructor (he was fairly dull, which when combined with political theory, can be a dangerous combination), or I can blame the copious amounts of reading (I’m an English major, this should never become an excuse), but last November, I finally decided to take my own blame. I failed that class because I let myself daydream during class, skip most of the time, and half-ass my papers. I didn’t put in the work that I could have easily given in order to at least scrounge up a B. I finally realized that I could retake up to three courses, something I was not yet aware of, and I quickly jumped at the opportunity. The second I walked into my class today, I could tell it was going to be different; not only because I know that I need to pass this course (which I do), but also because I have a pretty awesome professor who is basing political theory off of The Walking Dead series. And I am SO OK with that. I can’t wait to use the skills I’ve honed in my college literature courses to fly through the (large) number of books that I have collected for this course, and I can’t wait to learn something new, something that I can apply to the other pieces of my life.

While my brain is flying around all the new information I’ve already taken in today, and the challenges that I’m facing as the final semester winds down, I think it was time for me to accept that my failure was exactly that – mine. I needed to step up to the plate and get over the fact that I screwed up, and thanks to that, I am taking a fairly challenging semester right before graduating. But now that I’ve accepted that, it’s time to step it up and get the work done so that I can enjoy the few months that separate my graduation date and the day I enter graduate school. Yippee? Looks like it’s time to wander down the rabbit hole and see what the next four months have in store!


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