Find the Beauty


Sometimes you just need a proverbial slap in the face, the sharp words of “Wake up! Smell the coffee, open your eyes, look around you, find the beauty.”

Sometimes you need something more, motivational words spoken to you from someone you trust, someone who has your best interest in mind.

Sometimes, you don’t want to hear it, you just want to turn away from those around you and fall into yourself.

Sometimes that’s not such a good idea.

Sometimes you beg for someone else to give you the words you need to hear but can’t find for yourself, and sometimes they can give you those words.

Sometimes they can’t.

Sometimes the person you want to give you the answers can’t be there, won’t be there, will never be there again, and you will have to deal with it.

Sometimes you won’t be able to deal; instead you’ll battle with denial, guilt, seclusion, tears, fears, confusion.


Sometimes it will be clear as a bright blue sky, and sometimes it will be more murky than a puddle.

Sometimes you will tear through the vines and thorns and overgrowth only to find there is more and more and more.

Sometimes you’ll open the window and find moonbeams pouring in.

Sometimes the wind will shatter the window and shards will fly across the floor.

Sometimes you won’t find the answers.

Sometimes you will.

There isn’t a one day, or a someday, there are just times. Every time is different. Sometimes it is this and sometimes it is that, but each experience will be different. And that is ok. Each day doesn’t have to be wonderful; each day doesn’t have to be horrible, either. Sometimes it’ll take words and other times it will take silence.

But today, I just have to find the beauty, and I can make it to tomorrow.


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