A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Oh my goodness, y’all. As an English major, titles are EVERYTHING, and although I knew what I wanted to talk about today, I wasn’t sure what the title would be. That is, until now, and I am now laughing at myself as I imagine Gus-Gus from Cinderella.


Gus and I were meant to be best friends.

WAY off topic, but surprisingly, Cinderella’s fairy tale ending is what I want to talk about. But we’ll get there in a bit. For now, I have decided it was time that you all got another glimpse into my life. You all know that I’m an English major, I’m graduating in a mere 103 days (!!), and that I am going to graduate school come August. And as far as you know, I am SUPER PSYCHED ABOUT IT. But not really. I think my Dad has thrown the ever-loving fear of God into me when it comes to grad school. Basically, I feel like if I don’t go to grad school, I will never get a good job. I honestly see something seriously wrong with the fact that this is a true assumption in the 21st century, but that is something I can rant about on another day. And, coincidentally, it has to do with my future career as well. I am getting my masters in Higher Education and Student Personnel Services. It’s a mouthful, and it may not be the top-grossing career out there, but it will allow me to help students who don’t know what path to take, how they will pay for the schooling that is oh-so critical in finding a stable career, and how to continue to grow in their studies even when they just want to crack.

This part of my future is exciting, scary, frustrating, irritating, fun, interesting, and about a million other things all at the same time. I’m sick of school, but I’m kind of glad that real life is being put off for a few more years. I hate my living situation (and hopefully that will be sorted out soon), but I’m glad I’m not paying the crazy high rent that comes with city-living. I REALLY hate that I’m going an extra 30 minutes further away from Zach (rounding it out to an even 60-minute commute between the two of us), but in two years it will have been so worth it.

But lately? I keep finding myself saying “This isn’t my dream”. Those four words keep throwing themselves into my head each day, unexpectedly, and each time I hear them, I find myself silently agreeing. This really is not my dream. My dream is something unreliable. It’s something that can either work or crash, and it’s not really something you can get a degree in. It is something that fits me to a T, and an uppercase T at that. It is a career that I would love even on the rough days; a job that would leave me exhausted and with tired feet, but also with a smile on my face. It’s a career that my dad really wouldn’t consider a career at all; but I think it is. And even though my future seems to be heading in a different direction, my dream is still tagging along, not too far behind.

My dream is to be an event planner.

It’s silly and sometimes I don’t like to talk about it because nobody really takes it seriously, but it’s the truth. I want to plan parties, weddings, corporate events, what have you! I would take it all on, and I truly believe I could conquer it, leaving a number of happy clients in my wake. I want to plan events so badly, but it really isn’t something that can just happen. It takes planning, business strategy and smarts, bookkeeping, supplies, office rent, and so on. It takes a lot more than my post-baccalaureate self can take on right now. And as much as that reality truly sucks, I don’t think I’m ready to give up my dream just yet.


Cinderelly totally could have used my planning ability.

Zach has been dealing with a Rachael who is torn between her dream and a reality, and honestly, he has been nothing but amazing and supportive as I struggle with the two. He has told me that my reality has to happen; if I want the financial stability to make my dream a reality, I need to get a job that can be (almost) guaranteed. I need to build a foundation for myself before I can build one for my dream. However, in the past few days, we have thought of a way to make at least part of my dream able to begin today. Well, not today, but as soon as I decide to take the initiative and put my English degree to the test. Writing has always been my passion, and although I will be steering away from that as I advance in my education, that doesn’t mean I have to leave it behind as well.

In the next few weeks and months, I will be digging further into the possibilities – and research – that my dream could have, and I will make sure that the day it takes a step into reality, you will know. Until then, I need your help! Well, all of you who have, are, or have looked into planning a wedding. I’m looking for men AND women, honestly, and I would love to talk about your wedding, your dream wedding, your upcoming nuptials, what have you! I want to hear all about it, every little detail, even the not-so pretty ones. Please feel free to shoot me an email, or throw a comment down below, and I will be here with my ears eyes wide open, ready to read all about it. Thank you all for helping me look into making my hearts wish come true.

If you have a dream (MLK Jr. size, or the size of a mouse’s wish for cheese), tell me about it!


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