Starting the Week On a Tuesday

I promise, I meant to skip my blog post yesterday! I totally didn’t forget…or maybe I did and this week is just gonna be a late one for me. It feels like that kind of a week. I left work an hour early yesterday because I thought it was 5 when really it was only 4! My work schedule for the week will definitely be reflecting that…

Any who, today is a special day. I took the afternoon to look into my life and figure out some things that I want to happen, and maybe some things I would like to change. I love getting to set up my monthly goals, as I told you here, so much so that I decided to add the goal of creating a 101 in 1001 list! And today, it is my great pleasure to début the list!

101 in 1001

Create 1-11

Create a 101 in 1001 list

Complete the 365 Project (either on Instagram or through the camera)

Write and publish the planner

DIY three things (0/3)

Start a photo album

Journal every day for one month

Write 50 letters (0/50)

Plan an event

Write a freelance article and get it published

Create a work wardrobe (blouses) (dresses) (dress pants) (blazer) (shoes)

Create five “101” lists for the blog (0/5)

Culture 12-17

Research one community from outside the United States

Go to three concerts (0/3)

See a musical/play/opera at the Lexington Opera House

Watch 20 award-winning films (at least 5 in a foreign language) (0/15) (0/5)

Get tattoos 2 and 3 (0/2)

Visit 5 museums (0/5)

Cook 18-27

Cook a gluten-free red velvet cake from scratch

Meal prep for an entire month (Week 1) (Week 2) (Week 3) (Week 4)

Eat something besides cereal for breakfast for one week

Take a cooking class

Cook dinner from a recipe (not a box) for one week

Try five new foods (0/5)

Can my own pickles

Get a new set of pots and pans

Have a backwards meal (dessert, dinner, drinks)

Host a dinner party for friends or family

Pocketbook & Pants Challenge 28-34

Run a 5K (beginning to end)

Get to goal weight

Keep up a normal workout schedule for at least 6 months (February 2014-)

Take five new fitness classes (0/5)

Save $4,000 dollars

Get one credit card (for emergencies and building credit score)

Buy a lottery ticket

Give 35-44

Donate $100 dollars to the charity of my choice

Volunteer at church

Volunteer at the Lexington Humane Society

Run three charity/research funding 5Ks (0/3)

Pay it forward five times (0/5)

Do a volunteer mission (Habitat, Red Bird, etc.)

Adopt a dog!

Donate unwanted/unworn clothes

Inspire someone else to do the list

Do something special for each immediate family member

Give Up 45-52

Go without chocolate for one month

Go without soda for three months

Do not buy anything that is not necessary for two months consecutively

Participate in One Day Without Shoes

Give up meat one day a week for one month

Do not look at social media over one weekend (Friday at 5 pm till Monday at 6 am)

Volunteer at a soup kitchen for a holiday meal (give up your holiday)

Go one week without hitting snooze

Learn 53-62

Learn about another religion

Earn master’s degree

Research small businesses

Continue learning Italian (post-graduation)

Read 52 leisure books (0/52)

Get CPR certified

Either find or begin my dream job

Learn calligraphy

Find out my blood type

Learn how to fold a fitted sheet

Love 63-72

Get engaged

Move in together

Create a living space together

Sleep under the stars

Go on 20 official dates (0/20)

Plan a wedding

Ask a new question at least once a week (aka, keep learning about each other)

Go skinny dipping

Go to a Sunday matinée showing four times (0/4)

Plan a surprise night

Love Myself 73-82

Get a massage

Get a facial

Solo dinner date

Write a letter to yourself in ten years

Subscribe to the magazines you buy anyways (Cosmo) (Self) (Shape) (Women’s Health February 2014) (Redbook)

Find your beauty routine

Grow out your hair past shoulder length

Get professional pictures taken

Start a new tradition

Invest in one piece of designer clothing

Go 83-92

Go on the distillery tour

Travel to the West Coast

Visit the Louisville Slugger Museum

Spend the weekend in a new city

Go on a cruise

Get a passport

Get a stamp on said passport

Visit to New York City

Go to COSI

See the monuments at Washington, D.C.

Blog 93-100

Blog for a month straight

Feature five guest bloggers (0/5)

Reach 100 followers

Create a regular link-up

Have two giveaways (0/2)

Blog post for some of the goals being crossed off/worked on

Give The Forgotten blog a makeover

Own the domain

And finally… 101

Create another 101 in 1001 list.

So there it is! Today is my official start day, making my end date November 8th, 2016. I’ll be sure to create a new page for the list so that I can keep it (and you all!) updated. I’ve got a goal to keep my posts updated with some of the goal accomplishments, so you’ll get to read all about it, too! Thank you all for reading this blog so far; here’s hoping that this list will challenge us both!


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