Type A Tuesday (Part 2!)

Alright, y’all, Tuesday is the new Monday. Oh you say it isn’t? Well, that’s too bad! I plan to skip Monday’s for good. But not really. Only in my dreams. Basically, my mind is running faster than the speed of light, as is my schedule, on Mondays, making it a lot harder for me to get a consistent post up on the first day of the work week! So, unless I begin to write my posts pre-Monday afternoon, expect Monday to start on Tuesday. Now that that part is out of the way (my non-apology apology of sorts), it’s time to get down to business! If you began to sing the song from Mulan, we may be the same person. And we should become best friends this instant. Back to the point – I started my 101 this Sunday evening with a kick-ass DIY project that sang to my heart. I love English, I love writing, and I love organization (duh, it’s my middle name. Rachael Organization G.). And when I saw this idea for a DIY Moleskine Planner! Mine is pretty much identical, except I am using my empty pages in a different manner…that I maybe am not sure of just yet! These Moleskine hacks are literally the coolest ideas ever; I can definitely see myself doing another one (or five) in the near future! For my 101 in 1001, I’ll only count this Moleskine DIY, mostly because I have some other cool projects that are awaiting the spring time and warmer weather.


Here is the basic gist of my personal planner. The items I used are:

1 Moleskine Large Squared Notebook (Although large seems to be too big, it is actually the perfect size for writing/purse space)

Sharpie Pens in Black and other colors (I have a serious addiction to these pens. No bleeding through, but they go on paper PERFECTLY)

Washi tape (New addiction? I think YES)

OPTIONAL: A ruler (I’ll explain further)

I decided to pretty much copy the system from the link above; I started on the second page with two empty sheets side by side for my first month view page. I counted down three blocks from the top and drew a line all the way across from left to right, and did the same on the bottom. I chose NOT to use a ruler as it really slowed down the process for me. At first my OCD tendencies came out to play and I freaked out at the thought of a crooked line. So far, the only screw up I made was writing Thursday in a Wednesday spot. Yeah, some of the hand-drawn lines are a little off the pre-positioned line, but I like it. I’m supposed to use the planner, not idolize it!


For my days in the month, I counted seven blocks from the left, and drew one line from top to bottom border, repeating for every seven blocks. I did the same for the lines down the page; seven blocks, line from left to right. Once this was done, leaving me with 5 weeks a month and seven days a week, I numbered my days for the month and wrote the month at the top of the page.


For the weekly view pages, I turned the page to two open blank sheets. I counted down three blocks from the top and drew my line again from left to right. This time, however, I placed my bottom line 26 squares down from the top line. I then drew my bottom line from left to right. This leaves you with plenty of space at the bottom for to-do lists, reminders, notes, grocery lists, or whatever else you might have in mind!

From there, starting at the top line, count over 9 squares for Monday through Friday. I counted 9, drew my line from top to bottom, and then continued along from left to right. At the end of the week, I had 6 squares left for Saturday and Sunday, which I collected into the same column. I don’t really have much to do on the weekends except homework and relaxation, so I don’t need as much room. However, If you are a parent or work on the weekends, feel free to switch up the square sizes to open up the weekend area. Then I put the days of the week in each respective spot, and moved on.


For some months, you will have four weeks per month; others will have five weeks. That is OK. This journal has 192 pages, meaning you could use 15 pages per month and still have pages left over at the end.

I chose to leave two empty (side-by-side) pages at the end of each month for monthly goals/tasks/ideas or really anything that I want to write down. Even with this and every month/week view, I still have 26 empty pages at the end of my 13 month planner (February 2014-February 2015) for whatever I choose to do with them.

I love to color coordinate, so I rotated my Sharpie pens from one color to the next, and bouncing back to the same colors in reverse after August. I also use 4 different colors throughout my weekdays for events (blue)/ to-dos (blue)/ work (light green)/ homework (salmon). It’s my own personal way of categorizing so I know what is mandatory, when things need to happen, etc. You can do it however you like, this is just my way of keeping myself on track!

I still need a way to differentiate between months, and am on the lookout for cute page tabs or some other way of dressing it all up. I put washi tape on the bottom row of each monthly view for some brightening up on the pages, and I also threw a strip on the end of the month note/idea pages to get some color in there (as well as to warn myself that those pages were claimed). I love this tape because you can reposition it a million times and it never rips the paper (unless you tear it off too quickly, duh). Plus it really does give the planner a fun, quirky side!


This planner is honestly perfect for me at this moment; I have plenty of day-to-day room, note taking room, weekly list room, blogging room, what have you! I know that in the next few months I will be making some life changes that may require me to track Zach’s activities as well, and for meal planning, and this planner does not have the space for all of that. I think I may make a separate weekly meal planner when the summer comes around and then keep it in mind when I get around to making next year’s planner. I am so confident that I will be using the template again next year because it was cost efficient for me, easy to make, and so easily personalized. I love this Moleskine hack, and I can’t wait to share more ideas with you all!

Other 101 in 1001 checks for the week:

DIY three things (1/3)

Donate unwanted/unworn clothes (This is ongoing, but I did a clothing dump this weekend!)

Go on 20 official dates (1/20)

Subscribe to the magazines you buy anyways (Cosmo) (Self) (Shape) (Women’s Health February 2014) (Redbook February 2014)

Find your beauty routine (Also ongoing, but I found a routine that I really like as far as skin care goes!)

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