Wednesday Nightcap

Well, here goes the idea for a recurring blog post. I never make it on here in time for coffee-drinkable hours, so I think it’s time for a nightcap instead.


[one] I took the day off today. And I mean I took the day offff. Granted it was because I had to take the MAT, but with the sun following me south to the testing location, this was a well-needed personal day of sorts.

[two] Speaking of the MAT…I passed! This means that I am officially an EKU Colonel come August 2014. Whoa, grad school, when did you get here?

[three] I have been absolutely missing my family/friends from Ohio! I get to head that way in a little less than a month thankfully, but it’s already been too long. Is it silly to want to add a day to my trip so I can stretch out the quality time?

[four] My planner. Man, I seriously fall in love with it every time I see it. I’m obsessed and I don’t care who knows it!

[five] I’m just about thisclose to leaving my current living situation and finding a random to live with. Although Zach would probably have a mild heart attack if I did so. Lets just say I will not be the millennial who lives at home until they’re 25 because of a lacking job. I will work at McDonald’s full-time smelling like cooker grease just so I don’t have to be under the same roof as my parents again. I love my parents and their generosity; but this was just not meant to happen after three years apart.

[six] I have a love-hate relationship going on right now with my workouts. I LOVE the elliptical. I hate the weights. But I know that weight training is necessary. HALP.

[seven] I have a magazine addiction, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Problem is, it’s a hard habit to break. hence the Martha Stewart Wedding magazine sitting on my book stand. (No, I’m not getting married soon; but who doesn’t love to look at the pictures! Plus they featured Kate Bosworth’s wedding. SO AMAZING.)

[eight] I’m dying to have a puppy at home with me. But Zach says no, and the landlord (El Daddio) says no. So for now I have to live 5 days a week without my cuddle bug. Such sadness.

[nine] Eggs. They have become my go-to meal for a long day. One egg, egg whites, diced ham, and a slice of Kraft Big Slice Chipotle Cheddar. YUM.

[ten] The one thought racing through my mind today? New chapter. it’s about time for a new chapter to open up. A the same time as I am racing towards August, I want to make sure that I am enjoying the last moments of my “childhood”. Is it weird that at 22 I still think of myself as a child? I hope I feel that way until I turn 90.


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