In case you haven’t noticed just yet, or in case you’re wondering who the hell this is, some things have been changed in the past 24 hours! The Forgotten Blog is now Northern Girl, Southern Charm. 

I have finally purchased my domain (!) and I own the webpage. Nothing else is changing, It’s still me, Rachael; I’m still posting the same random life-happenings that have been around for the past three months, I just decided i was time to make things a little less “forgotten” and a bit more memorable!

Hopefully soon I will have a new, personalized layout (any takers?), and that will be the extent to which this little chunk of my life will change. For now…

Thank you all for stopping by when you do, and for leaving any notes for me that you do! I truly appreciate every view, and I would love even more to talk to you, the readers! My email is still the same (organizingatrainwreck [at] gmail [dot] com), and you can always reach me there!



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