Wednesday Talk

Grab a mug of coffee, a cup of tea, a glass of water, or a tumbler of whatever sounds good, and get ready for a Wednesday Talk!


The three best friends that anyone could have!

[one] Spring break is here! Last week at around this time I was counting down the hours until my early break began, and now I’m in the middle of it all. I’m so glad to have this time to just relax and have me time! It’s amazing.

[two] I got to mark off another 101 in 1001 goal last week with an AMAZING concert with my two best friends and my best friend’s guy. It was absolutely incredible, amazing, wonderful, and it seriously left us all emotionally hung over for a few days afterwards. It was one of those opportunities we weren’t sure would ever arise again, and when it did, we hopped on. I still can’t believe it is already gone, but that night was absolutely the best.

[three] I finally (FINALLY!) got into some fun books this week. I seriously stomped through John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars (I laughed, I cried, and, well…I cried some more). It was INCREDIBLE. I honestly have no other words. I literally read the whole book in a matter of one evening, and I can’t wait to read it again. It is an immersing, intense, lovely, beautiful piece of literature, and I’m so glad I came upon it. In the works now is Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places, and I am SO PUMPED. Love her.

[four] Starting tomorrow, I am off work for a four-day weekend with my love! I am so happy he got to take off two days this Spring break and that we get to spend the days together. We have some small plans made; a stop at the tattoo shop (hello, goals!), some spring cleaning, and a well-deserved fun trip to Columbus! I can’t even begin with the excitement. I’M SO EXCITED I COULD DIE!

[five] My little sister is a teenager. And it scares me quite a bit. I’ll (hopefully) post on this in the future as well, but I’ll throw out some thoughts now as well. She is just so damn young! She is the most sweet, weird, innocent child I know, and I don’t want anyone (or any boys) taking that away from her. She is my monkey, and I can’t believe she is 13 now. Gonna go die now.

[six] For said teenager’s birthday, we went to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It. Was. Hilarious. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this enough in the past, but I am a child at heart, and this movie just got me. I laughed, I teared up at parts, and then I laughed even harder. Loved it!

[seven] Last week, my best friend and I had some well-awaited girl time. Honestly, the best morning/three straight hours I’ve had in ages. I loved it so much! I can’t wait until we get that time again. I cannot even explain how lucky I am to have the people I do in my life.

[eight] Also on the I-spent-last-week-with-my-best-friend and I-love-kids-movies list is Frozen. I watched it. I loved it. I wanna see it again. (Also, I want Sven. Please?)

[nine] As much as I am enjoying relaxing this week, I still have adult responsibilities to hit up. Taxes, FAFSA, and new tires. And two doctor appointments. Yippee? Blood drawn yesterday, other unmentionable tortures scheduled for tomorrow. Man, I love being a healthy, responsible adult. Except not. The fun part was getting my hair lobbed off this week! Pictures possible in the future…

[ten] The past week has just been straight. up. awesome. I am loving my life, and I am loving the adventures I get to take part in. I honestly can’t wait to see what’s up next!


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