Wednesday Talk


Artfully looking into the distance…I’m in love with a weirdo.

[one] LAST WEEK WAS AWESOME. Can I just repeat it again? Yes? Ok. Thank you, time travel.

[two] I have revisited my health goals and am TRYING to approach them in a way that I can find more positive and influential. I really do need (and want!) to get my health in order. Not that it is a dire need, but I feel it’s better to start before anything major were to pop up. Healthy meals, more sleep, and some regular exercise coming up!

[three] This brings me to the two confessions I can’t seem to stop confessing; I have screwed over my budget AND diet this month. Again. Time to make a new plan for both! (I see card spending limits being set in the near future…).

[four] I went home after work and a stressful trip to the grocery yesterday, ate my pizza (not healthy, I know), and plopped back into my bed. Where I stayed until 8 this morning when my alarm went off. While I wish I could have slept even longer, it was just what my body (and soul…and mind) needed after a rough start back in the real world.

[five] 45 days until I graduate. 42 days until I have completed this mess of a semester. I have never before in my life thought about how much I am wasting to go to college until this semester. I just want to finish my courses, pass them all, and never look back. 45 days…

[six] My grandma comes to town tomorrow! I am so, so excited to see her. I was just visiting with her right before spring break (for her birthday), and it was just great to grab brunch and spend time with her. She went through a huge bout of illness last fall, so it is FANTASTIC to see her healthy and in high spirits!

[seven] 47 days until I’m in Florida with some awesome people. AND AND AND. MY BEST FRIEND ASKED ME TO TAKE SOME ENGAGEMENT PICTURES OF HER AND HER BOYFRAAAAN. I’m so excited! I know I’m not a professional, and who even knows what my sun-filled beach shots will turn out like (better than I’m giving myself credit for, I’m sure), but I am just so happy to get to spend time with them during the special time in their lives.

[eight] There are two things you should all look into: eBates and eMeals. The internet is taking over my life and I kind of love it! eBates is amazing, saves me a TON of money, AND I earn money back on each purchase. eMeals is not so free, but for $10 dollars a month, I get a full seven days of dinners to make, complete with ingredient list, instructions for cooking, AND a shopping list for the entire week. Best part? They cater to special diets! Gluten free, paleo, clean eating, classic dining; whatever you are looking for, they have it. Check out both sites and sign up if it sings to your soul.

[nine] It snowed again yesterday, and I feel as though a small part of my soul died. My hands are dry, my lips chapped, and my scalp has become flaky. Spring is just around the corner, right? Right?!

[ten] Following my two doctor visits over break, all reports are coming back with nothing but good news! This is all fine and dandy, and really, it’s a relief to know I’m in good, normal, healthy shape, but the big one has yet to come. The dentist and I have a rendezvous in two weeks. Will I make it out alive without cavities? My guess is no…but a girl can hope!

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the first of many interesting topics that I have been dying to talk about, but kept losing the time to do so. It’s a topic that is close to my heart…and you may be seriously surprised to hear what it is!


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