Keeping Promises

I’ve told you all many a time about my plans for fitness and budgeting, and I’ve also told you all how well that has gone. And by well, you should know by now I mean my reality has fallen shorter than short when it comes to my goals. I have failed, and the only person I can hold responsible is myself. Time and time again I have set some very easily accessible goals for my savings account and my health, but time and time again I find myself gravitating towards the couch or that cute tunic at J. Crew. How can you hold your promises to yourself as well as you can with a friend or a sister?


I wish there was an answer easy enough for me to just spit it out, understand, and enact, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening in that manner. I have seen the results from my diet change, but I know that without any shred of fitness, I will stop seeing these results and I will be perpetually stuck with a soft body and health issues. I see how great it feels to watch my savings account fill up, reaching numbers I have never seen before, but then I find a pair of shoes I love more than any shoes I own. How do I get myself past these hang ups? How do I depend on myself to say “no” to these guilty pleasures?

I think that it’s time for me to take a new approach, check in on myself mentally, gain some healthy motivation and inspiration, and to take this fight to a personal level. This isn’t about showing you all how I do at keeping the billfold closed, and it’s not about showing you all how I look in a bikini – or naked! This is all for ME. This is all a set of selfish indulgences, but they are the healthy indulgences I need to take on. I need to save that money – not to prove that I can to my readers, but so that I can start to pay off my loans when they come around in the very near future. It’s so that I can plan a well-budgeted and fun wedding in the also somewhat-near future. It’s so that I can feel comfortable buying the things I need – food, gas, tuition, car repairs – without feeling afraid of having no cushion to fall back on in case of a bigger problem. I want to be fit so that I can love seeing my body without covering it in layers; I want to get healthy so that I can bear children someday without the health risks or complications. I want to workout so that I can be a great example to my future children and so that I can live to see THEIR future children. I need to be healthy because that’s what it takes to live life to the extent to which I want to live it.


It’s time for me to take my promises seriously, not as a passing fad or a part-time position. I need to save now, I need to work now, I need to relax NOW. I’m at the perfect place in my life to make these changes, and the only person I need to be responsible to is myself. I will keep these goals in my monthly goals, but that is all that you will hear from me on the topics of working out and saving money. I may bring up health and wellness from time to time, or I may share a trick I’ve learned that helps me save grocery money, but aside from that, I won’t be bringing anything personal to this blog unless it is something I won’t be guilting myself over. This blog is for fun, for opinion, for life, and for adventure, and I plan to live that adventurous life while fulfilling my promises.


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