Wednesday Talk



[one] The weather has been sitting pretty at 60-70 degrees this whole week with a WHOLE lot of sun streaming through my windows. I could so get used to this. And the next three straight days of thunderstorms can stick around, too, if it means getting that heat!

[two] MY CATS ARE IN THE FINAL FOUR! This is extraordinarily exciting, I must say. I always hoped that they would make it back for my senior year after an AMAZING March Madness full of celebrations in 2012. But now I’m ready to continue to celebrate this week with another (hopeful) win!

[three] Last night I got to spend three hours out on a dining patio with my family. In shorts. Outside. See number one.

[four] As much as I am so excited for graduation, I really want to go ahead and throw in an extra week, starting now, called “Spring Break Part II”. Cause I’m tired, and cranky, and just so busy. I just need a few extra days to catch my body up.

[five] I decided to take a 3.2 mile jog at the beginning of the week to enjoy the wonderful weather. Life lesson? Don’t jog 3.2 miles if you haven’t been jogging in a few months. Just don’t. My legs are begging you.

[six] Even though I have fallen short on my Lent goals, I have been keeping chocolate out of my diet for the most part. Let’s just say I cannot wait until the 20th because I know there are some Cadbury caramel eggs waiting for me to devour…

[seven] I have been getting better and better at nailing my diet goals each week, but now I really need to start getting a little bit stricter on my dinner plans. This is difficult because of the part where I live in my childhood home currently and my mother isn’t fond of me taking up the kitchen. Anyone have any simple meal ideas?

[eight] I watched Frozen again last night. Can you say addicted? I bet Olaf would be a happy snowman if he were in Lexington right now.

[nine] The boy is currently in a super important meeting with some banking personnel, and I am anxiously awaiting his message letting me know how everything has gone. Let’s just say some big life changes are coming about and I’m really excited to see which path I get to start obsessing over!

[ten] It’s now April (where did March go?), which means new goals will be coming around soon! Plus some more personal insight into life, liberty, and the pursuit of chocolate. Keep an eye out!


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