April Goals

Me? Late to post my April goals? Never…..


This month seriously just snuck up on me, and it is flying by just as swiftly! I can’t believe that in 26 short days, I will be waltzing across the stage to grab my diploma and skate my way into freedom! Or, at least, three months of full-time employment freedom. Then two years of additional schooling…but you catch my drift. This moment I’ve been waiting for since, well, forever, is actually HERE! It’s right under my nose and I cannot wait for May 10th. However, this one (major) event in my life is pretty much dictating my goals for the month. Let’s take a quick gander at last month’s goals, check my motivation, and roll on through the next three weeks!

March Goals:

Workout AT LEAST 4 times a week for one hour (no beating myself up here. life happens! check out this post for more)

Cut out all chocolate (half and half. i was doing so well until zach bought me a ton of sweets last weekend…)

Cut out all soda

Stay on track for the budget (check yourself twice a week) (bad. but trying not to dwell. I just need a swift kick in the ass)

Do not spend money on anything outside of the budget. Absolutely nothing. No exceptions. (see above)

Write at least 4 letters this month (BAD. this was supposed to be the easy one!)

Read two leisure books over spring break

Call a family member or friend 3 times a week

Continue to work on the camera (do some research!)

Yikes, not as good as I was hoping…oh well! It’s time to reevaluate, actually be realistic in my ability and motivation for the next month, and plan accordingly…

April Goals:

Focus on my health, not the hiccups

Cut out all chocolate until April 20th

Cut out all soda

Figure out where the budget needs to be, and stay motivated

Write those four letters!

Keep working on the camera (more about this mid-May)

Don’t skip any classes!

Do four things to commemorate the end of your undergraduate years

Be inspired, be motivated, be happy.

Now it’s time to continue this amazing month! Let’s hope that some fun plans I have for my life in the next three weeks can keep up with the hustle and bustle that comes with a huge life change. It’s the end of another chapter, and the beginning of yet another! Who knows what the next chapter will be about (grad school? marriage? moving? a career?), but it doesn’t matter just yet. For now, I need to put my big toe on the breaks, smell the roses, remind myself why I avoid cliches, and get ready for a new adventure!



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