Wednesday Talk

2014-04-17 08.03.27

[one] I have so many fevers right now you all. Wedding fever, baby fever, graduation/summer fever. But right now, my temperature is set right at “Rachael wants to own a house fever”. WHY IS PINTEREST FULL OF GORGEOUS HOUSES?!

[two] Despite the fevers, I’m pretty happy right now. At least as far as my relationships go. Awesome boyfriend fever is never a problem…because I’ve already got one!

[three] One fever that won’t subside until the last minute (unfortunately) is graduation fever. I have THE most stressful Italian class this semester, and I am just constantly worried about it. We have four major assignments due in the next two weeks, and I am freaking out.

[four] Today, I had my first pang of fear when I thought about me walking across the stage in t-minus 17 days. I AM ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL NUMBER 2. This is crazy. Life is crazy.

[five] I’ve gotten into this bad habit lately, and last night it got me again. I eat gluten-free (I swear, I’ll explain this in a post soon!), and I was wandering the organic aisle at Kroger yesterday when I spotted a delicious looking frozen mac and cheese. It looked fancy as all get out! So, I grabbed it. Today as I got ready to pack lunch, I picked it back up and instantly smacked myself. It may be organic, but it sure as hell isn’t gluten-free. YAY WASTING MONEY.

[six] I ate half a bunny yesterday. A chocolate bunny, that is. Lent is over which means Rachael is back on chocolate! Or at least back on a stricter budget of weekly chocolate. Man was it good.

[seven] The one thing I am most excited about with the approaching summer break is the time I get to spend with my boys! I nanny two of the best kids around, and I cannot wait for our bike rides and silly games.

[eight] The past few weeks have been a bit of a test to my resilience. I’m trying to keep a positive spin on everything, but sometimes it’s just so difficult. How do you ignore something that worries you so much?

[nine] This spring, y’all. It. Is. Gorgeous. I love all of the gorgeous tulips popping up everywhere! My favorite.

[ten] Despite the stress and the fevers, I am happy. I am so, so happy. Life is happening; all of these things I’ve been excited for since I started high school are happening, and I can’t believe it! But, with a mere 17 days left, I guess it’s time to accept it. Turn and face the strange, amirite?! (yeah, I like David Bowie. Deal.)


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