Letting Loose

As is expected from a soon-to-be college graduate, I am starting to fall a little bit behind. It’s been a hectic month, and the next (less than!) two weeks will be giving even the hectic month a run for its money! I still don’t think the fact that I am finishing up my four years of undergraduate in the next seven days, and I know that I am not quite grasping the fact that every assignment I have to have turned in is due, well, now. When it comes down to it, I am a procrastinator, through and through. And this is a problem. I get SO stressed out at the end of each semester, and while it’s not always a result of procrastination (anyone else get sweaty palms when thinking about an oral exam – in Italian?!), the little ball of fear always finds its way into the base of my throat. So, today, it is time to get down to business. And by business, I mean how to relax in a time of stress.

One of my notorious stress-cards.

One of my notorious stress-cards.

Everyone has their own little quirks and their own methods of letting the tension go, and mine goes a little something like this.

[one] Hit up the local Kroger

[two] Grab a few magazines (gossip, wedding, health: whatever you enjoy most, pick it up!)

[three] Head to the beloved frozen aisle. Grab delicious pint of ice cream. In my pre-gluten intolerant days, my go-to choice was always Ben & Jerry’s One Chocolate Cheesecake. DELICIOUS. But today I am obsessed with Talenti gelato. Good stuff.

[four] Make sure you don’t just walk out without paying. That may add to your stress-o-meter. Give them what you owe, then run to the car.

[five] SHUT OFF YOUR PHONE. Just do it. Or at least put it on vibrate. This is you time. YOU. Not mom, dad, boyfriend, best friend, email-from-my-professor time.

[six] Once you are home, pick your favorite place to go. Love your bed? Snuggle up with your favorite pillow. Have the world’s most comfortable couch? Get yo’ lounge on! Enjoy a good bubble bath (and trust yourself not to drop the magazine in the water)? Let the faucet flow and feel the tension  ease.

[seven] Forget about everything that is worrying you – a relationship, class assignment, promotion at work, what have you – and just ease into relaxation.

[eight] If you’re like me and you either read magazines too quickly or need something more mind-consuming, pop in a new flick! Check out a funny Judd Apatow film, a clichéd chick film, or resort to a beloved guilty pleasure (I mean, I’m totally not talking about sparkly vampires, here…).

No matter what you’re way of relaxing is, do it, and you will feel like a newborn babe! I swear, taking time to focus on anything but the worries at hand is one of the best natural remedies you will ever take part in. If you have a different version of de-stressing, DO IT. Out on the town with the girls? Do it. Date night in with your boy (or girl)? Do it. Jog around the park? GO. If there is one place on this planet that knows how to forget about the worries in life, it’s this beautiful city…


Vegas! Ladies and gentlemen, this town knows how to do it. I took a trip with my grandma (coolest grandma EVER) in mid-October of my junior year of college, and it was the best time of my life. I took time to take in the sights, find new places, marvel at every palace of a hotel, and eat everything on my plate. I forgot about everything else that was going on back home, and I relaxed. The Las Vegas state of mind is always easy to find when you’re in the desert oasis, but it’s not impossible to find even if you’re sitting in your sweats at home. If you have the time and money, go to Vegas; go find your tropical heaven. Take the time to get away from your worries. One sight on the main drag of Vegas is the Aria Resort and Casino. It is a gorgeous resort complete with Cirque du Soleil entertainment, a number of bars and lounges, a salon and spa, and a gelato roulette wheel! Talk about the ideal de-stressing point. If I could get my hands on a spa stay and some of that gelato, I think I’d be on the road to relaxation in 2.5 seconds. But if you’re a broke college kid (like…me!), just find the Las Vegas mindset and let your stress go.

This post was written at the invitation of Vegas.com. I was not compensated, and all opinions are my own. If you get a chance to see this city, GO!


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