Wednesday Talk



[one] Yesterday I found out one of my two finals was optional. Which leaves me with an A in the class. Win? I think so.

[two] My Italian oral exam AND final are still remaining, and I am thoroughly freaking out. The only thing in my mind (and in my nightmares) for the past two weeks have been these two exams. Can it just be done now?

[three] In under two weeks, I will be in Florida soaking up the sun with some great people. Unfortunately, Zach is not one of those great people, so I will be missing him. But…I mean…Florida. Sun. Sand. Water. I’m ready.

[four] I have been doing something exciting with my free time lately…online shopping. New hobby or bad habit? We shall see. I’ve at least laid down the law for myself and set a shopping budget, and it has to be something I need or need to replace. SO I’m being kind of responsible, right?

[five] May is tomorrow. What?! I don’t even think I hit half of my goals for the month…eep!

[six] The trees are finally blooming, and let me tell you: I am feeling it, BIG TIME. Allergies, ahoy!

[seven] I have been anxiously awaiting the weekend, and it is still not here. How is it not here yet? I guess I’ll just have to try to enjoy the hump day.

[eight]…and I’ll have to enjoy the Baskin Robbins that I will be treating myself with in t-1 hour! Yummy. The Spiderman 2 seasonal flavor is pretty awesome. Don’t judge though, Zach took me to get some a few weeks ago and he called me a little kid the whole time. I just enjoy the fun things!

[nine] Yesterday I sat down and scheduled out my entire summer. Working three jobs. Over 60 hours a week. I should be excited about the money, but looking at my calendar now exhausts me. Oh buddy.

[ten] Exciting moment of the week: We have birdy families! Our entire house/yard has been taken over by nesting birds. We have one nest on the pergola out back, one in the tree outside my window, one in our bird house, and…one in my roofing. Yes, that is right. The birds ripped part of the overhang by my room and decided to nest in the wall. Yay for babies, boo for interrupted sleep.


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