May Goals

Well, here we are again! It’s May. Let me repeat that…it’s May. Already. April is gone, my classes are over, and summer is upon us. What happened to the past four months?! I think I must have lost them. I guess it’s time to just move on; and let me tell you, I am moving fast! I took my first and final exam yesterday morning, and I have been free ever since. With the exception of work. But who actually gets out of that? It’s OK though – in t-minus 6 days, this chick will be grabbing some sun in Florida! Cannot wait. But before I can get ahead of myself and run into this busy weekend (and busy summer), I need to get some goals set up for this month. I’m so excited to have some time to not worry about assignments and deadlines this summer, but without that rigor of school, I need to get myself into a (loose) rhythm. Let’s take a look at last month’s goals.



April Goals:

Focus on my health, not the hiccups

Cut out all chocolate until April 20th

Cut out all soda (Considering I’m sipping a Pepsi right now, this one is a no. Womp womp!)

Figure out where the budget needs to be, and stay motivated (Womp womp part deux.)

Write those four letters! (What did I do this month?!)

Keep working on the camera (more about this mid-May)

Don’t skip any classes!

Do four things to commemorate the end of your undergraduate years (still have four days to finish this. go time!)

Be inspired, be motivated, be happy.

Now, with these goals in mind, I’ve been thinking about where I want to be after returning from Florida. Here’s what I see in my future…

May Goals:

Cut out all soda starting May 17th

Figure out where the budget needs to be, and stay motivated

Write those four letters. Seriously!

Bring camera to Florida and snap away

Get back into a healthy routine starting May 19th

Read four books

Do one Pinterest DIY (I loved the DIY planner, so I think it’s time for project number 2)

Begin (or finish) 3 items from 101 in 1001

I think that’s a pretty good place to start this new chapter in my life! Keep an eye out later this week; I’ll be getting all sappy and sentimental with a trip down memory lane as Saturday and Commencement rapidly approach. Have a great Tuesday!


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