Wedding Wednesday – what?!

So, now that I’ve sufficiently neglected this beautiful space of mine, I decided it was time to come back and see how y’all are doing. Great? Angry? Forming an angry mob?! I’m SO sorry for literally dropping off the face of the earth for the past month…or two. This summer has been…well…I really can’t put any one word to the season. New, bright, fun, tedious, sad, exciting, exillerating, nerve-wracking, exhausting, thrilling…really, no one word can pin point it all. So much more has happened since my last post, and this time, I just don’t think I can bullet point it. Some of it is too hard to want to recall, so I’ll give it to you short and sweet.

I got a full time job, I kept my other two jobs for the remainder of the summer (three more weeks…three more weeks), I watched my favorite person grieve at the loss of his wonderful grandmother, I stressed, worked, pulled some hair out, got in a car wreck…and then the waters calmed. While I can’t say I discovered a routine, things just stopped happening. It’s never a bad thing for things to stop (especially this summer), and after each event of the two months before it, I began to slow down and embrace the silence. July first brought a certain peace that I had forgotten about, and I just took the time to embrace and enjoy it all. That is, until my life turned around in the course of one July evening…

My best friend asked me to be his best friend for life.


That happened, one wonderful, hilarious, enraging, and ridiculous night. I watched my best friend drop down to one knee in the bright flash of a photo booth; I watched my best friend open a box; and then I just watched my best friend. According to him, I answered before he could even get the question out, although I thought he just wasn’t going to ask. Either way, I guess you could say that’s symbolic of our relationship. In an instant, everything changed – and yet, as cliched as it is, nothing changed at all. My best friend will some day become my husband, although he will still be my best friend, and I have this sparkly thing I have to take care of on my fourth finger, but I’m still me. The world doesn’t stop to celebrate with you, so we’ve both had to enjoy each other at a distance and in short bouts of time. We’ll figure out the rest of the details later, but for now, I’m just enjoying the new chapter of life that started a little over a week ago! Who knew another chapter would come around the corner so quickly…

I can’t wait to share with you the next steps we take, from pre-wedding health, to pre-marriage budgeting (yikes!), and everything in between (the fun stuf,f of course). Thank you all for hanging around, and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things in this little corner of the world.



7 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – what?!

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