A Late Wedding Wednesday [Venue Hunt]

Alright, y’all. I never promised these posts would be on time! I think less that 12 hours after the end of a Wednesday means I can still post this. Right?

REGARDLESS, here’s my wedding Wednesday! As you would imagine, it’s been a busy week. I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I’ve been at a full time job since May, and I started grad school a month ago (25% through the semester – WOO!). Unfortunately, that means the wedding hasn’t been put in the passenger side of the car, OR the back seat…rather it’s been stuffed in the trunk with some tape over it’s proverbial mouth. Yeah. It’s turned into a hostage situation. This wedding had no idea the mess it was getting itself into!

I digress…this week has been busy, not unlike the weeks since the proposal. Life is busy, and I’ve got the lemons to prove it. Here are my lemons this week:


let’s get motivational.

[lemon 1] We can’t set a date until, at the very soonest, mid-October. THIS. SUCKS. BIG. TIME. It’s literally the only stress that I feel when I think of The Big Day. Boo hiss, job schedules.

[lemon 2] I got the plague last week. That one where you get a horrendous cold complete with fever, aching, and “I’m dying” mentality. Thankfully, it is leaving my system quite rapidly.

[lemon 3] I have zero extra time or energy to take on a workout routine. This sucks more than anything. I’ve been trying to jump on this route of Fit Rachael for two years now, and it’s been on and off. Only this time? It’s just off. I feel so lazy and tired all the time, but I literally just don’t have the time to get the work in! I need to solve this one, stat. Thankfully, I’ve been in the kitchen during my spare time, so home cooked fresh meals have been the (somewhat) norm in the past three weeks.

So, with all these spare lemons to juggle, Zach and I have decided to take some proactive steps to make sweet, sweet lemonade. I won’t put these glasses in bullet form, but rather, I am going to explain one briefly, and one in detail.


the most beautiful wedding diary of all!

My first glass of lemonade was probably the key to opening my planner’s heart: I ordered a wedding diary from May Designs! If you have never heard of or seen these beautiful beauties (redundant, but accurate), CHECK THEM OUT! Totally customizable, from the cover, to the monogram, to the 80 pages inside! They are gorgeous. And I absolutely cannot wait to get mine in t-minus 3 days! It’s kind of a mix between planner and diary, which I like. Think budget sheets, blank monthly calendars, and space for all the notes your heart desires. LOVE! I also purchased an undated calendar so that I could have day-to-day space to write out specifics in the coming months. (And an Erin Condren Life Planner. I really have been drinking the planning-juice!)

But here is where our pitcher of lemonade is really coming from (at least for me): we’ve begun looking at wedding venues! It is the most exciting thing to pull up to a prospective venue and say, “Wow, I could be marrying the man of my dreams here in one year”. Sigh…so much fun! So glass of lemonade number two was last Friday afternoon as I pulled up to prospective venue number one.

It is a beautiful resort-style hotel in Kentucky that was suggested by my father of all people. Lucky me, I had the plague setting in, so I was quite under the weather, but man, was it a blast to get to start the search! Zach and I met with the event coordinator at the establishment, C, and off we went. The hotel has multiple areas to choose from when it comes to ceremony and reception events; four to be exact. We saw each of them, because with the current number of guests on our list, we could fit in each! We both fell in love with a climate-controlled outdoor tent with a side-set patio where we could have the ceremony. It overlooks a golf course, which of course can be quite the bonus. Luckily, we were informed that they do hold off all tee times so that no golfers will be rolling by as we say “I do”. (Insert sigh of relief here). It was absolutely breathtaking, and I loved the entire atmosphere of the space. It is more relaxed than the indoor ballroom space, but has enough aesthetics so as to not require much additional décor. We both loved it (although I wouldn’t say we fell in love with it), and were ready to hear the important details: numbers, numbers, numbers!


While I am not going to reveal total costs here, I will go ahead and say what all this venue covers in its costs. It’ll be a nice frame of reference for me, and possibly even for other brides out there looking for venues in the future! After the listing, I will rank it by dollar signs. Our scale will run from $ (much lower than the budget) to $$$$ (dream on, girl).

Venue One [resort-style hotel]

  • discounted guest room block
  • complimentary bridal suite for night of wedding (with discount for night before available)
  • reception site
  • catering
  • catering staff
  • beverages (alcohol [wine, beer, liquor], soda, tea, coffee)
  • bar staff
  • all needed china, glasses, silverware, etc.
  • tables, chairs, and linens
  • cake table
  • gift table
  • dance floor
  • décor available (if needed)
  • wedding coordinator (not just day-of)
  • complimentary parking (valet – extra cost for guests)

…and I believe that’s it. Which sounds like an understatement to me! Basically, all this venue does NOT include is: cake, DJ, photographer, attire, and favors. Unfortunately, the ceremony site at this venue is an additional cost, but it is not a ghastly amount. However…

This venue gets a rating of $$$. Actually, it is almost bordering four dollar sign status. But, after showing my parents the actual numbers, they said to keep it on the list for reference as we go on to see two more venue this and next Friday. Obviously, this venue has the clearest pros and cons. Pro? It includes almost EVERYTHING in the price of rental. Cons? It costs almost an arm and a leg. And maybe a few fingers from the other hand. So, as we go on to see the next few venues, I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is what all the venues do not include, and how much that is going to cost us in addition to the rental price.

Until next time…have a great Thursday (or late Wednesday, as I like to call it)!

Wedding Wednesday

9 thoughts on “A Late Wedding Wednesday [Venue Hunt]

  1. This venue sounds similar to our venue. Things to consider: Even though the venue includes a lot of stuff, there are still other stuff to consider. So, if photography and videography are big deals to you both, make sure you have a plan to get those in your budget. I can tell you that photographers are MUCH more than I ever thought they would be. Mine was amazing and I love our photos. We got a video as well which I have watched so many times, I can’t tell you any more. Those were big deals to me. But so was the venue. So, because of that, we came out of pocket on the photographer and videographer because they meant so much to us both.

    Venue hunting is so much fun though! Good luck!

    • I’m feeling much better (two weeks later)! Thank you so much. My biggest concern right now is that our favorite venue will be booked by the time we have our date set. But, at this point, there’s nothing we can do, so there’s no need to worry about it! Thanks for stopping by!

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