Oh Hey, Friday! [The Discovery]

Happy Friday, everyone!

I think this post needs to start out with one statement and one statement only…


Shew, now that I’ve got that off my chest (working in an office full of middle aged men means nobody understands my Mean Girls references), let’s get on to today’s Oh Hey, Friday topic of…

What Happens When Everyone and Their Mom Find’s Your Blog

[one] Just to preface the rest of this post, on Wednesday, I decided that, rather than use my personal Instagram (that’s filled with a lot of people who wish to stay out of the “lime light” that is this blog (sidenote: HA!), I should make a new Insta for this here blog! First mistake. Apparently when you make a new Instagram, it tells ALL OF YOUR INSTAGRAM FRIENDS. Therefore subjecting your fiancé’s co-worker (Hi, Aaron. Thanks for joining us.), sorority sisters (HI SIG KAPS!), and just about everyone to take a nice, long, personal look into your life.


[two] How in the world do you deal with this? If you’re like me, you go back and forth between ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS before realizing which one was the snitch. Thanks again, Instagram. Cool move. When I realized my two world’s were meeting in one fell swoop, I blushed pretty much for the remainder of the day, contemplated deleting the Instagram and making everything private, and got irrationally upset quite a few times.

[three] When you come to terms with the fact that, yes, everyone AND their mother (and maybe my mother? HI MOM) has in fact found your online diary, you’ll still be a little angry. But why? For me it was as simple as this: this blog was a way for me to just get whatever was on my mind out there without seriously driving my then-boyfriend out of his mind. Plus I LOVE WRITING. Duh. But I never really invited my friends to read said blog, besides Jess. Because she hears all about this stuff on the daily anyways. HOLLA. And I was OK with that. This was my place to just let loose, meet random other people from across the nation, and converge on all things “life”. Mishaps, sad times, happy times, adding to the family, getting ready to get married, funny stories, fantastic recipes, and just about a million glimpses into other people’s wardrobes/makeup bags/etc.


[four] I think that sometime yesterday afternoon, as I was finishing up a powerpoint final for class, I decided I would just have to suck it up. I know that not everyone who finds this blog, acquaintance or not, is going to hang around for all of time. And that’s ok (especially because some of those people from my real life will then reference this blog when they could have just been talking to me in person), because I just need a place to write it all down. And I am just too freaking lazy to actually write this in a journal. Which brings me to point number five…

[five] I LOVE GETTING FEEDBACK FROM Y’ALL. Seriously, I love linking up for Wedding Wednesday and getting some wonderful words of advice and encouragement. Not that I don’t get them from the people in my life already, but I know Zach really gets sick of wedding talk, and there’s only so much advice you can drag out of people. I love getting random comments from people who were just passing by and liked what they saw. I enjoy reading about you all, even if we never have (and never might) meet in person. If anything, the one thing that keeps me around is the idea that someone out there, even if they never comment or let you know they stopped by, might be positively affected by someone they can relate to. This blogging world is the perfect place for introverts like me to get out there and let people hear my voice, and I don’t plan on leaving just because my two worlds have collided.

I think that, while some may laugh at my rambling posts, and others may just skim them over, I can deal with people I know reading about my life. Just make sure that you still give me some face-time rather than thinking my entire life is written all over these pages!

As usual, linking up with Karli and Amy!


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