Why Northern Girl, Southern Charm [The Beginning]

Good Monday morning!

Well, really, I can’t say whether it is or isn’t a good Monday morning just yet. But let’s just hope it’s good, and that we actually made it to Monday (those of us with some crazy weekend plans)…ngsc2

Today I want to go ahead and address this little thing that I realized last Friday I hadn’t ever spoken about. With the reveal of my little blogger haven over here to my real world friends, I had the pleasure of talking Zach about the title of said blog. I have to start out by saying, this blog has seen a good deal of names since it’s induction. To be honest, I don’t even remember what it was called when I first started it a few years ago. I actually deleted those posts and started new around this time last year! The first name I gave this blog during that revamp was “The Forgotten Blog”. Who wants to guess why? Anyone?

Well, if you’re still stumped, it’s because I forgot about my blogs really easily in the past. I’m just that creative. So, when I decided to get semi-serious about trying to get my life onto this page a few times a week, I decided to change the name to something with a little more meaning. That’s when Northern Girl, Southern Charm came about. As some of you know, and others may never have thought, I am a northern transplant to the “deep south”…of Kentucky (All my Georgia/ Carolinas/ Alabama bloggers, you may laugh now). Honestly, I had never considered Kentucky the south until I moved here from the border of Ohio and Michigan a mere eight years ago. After all, a state that borders along Indiana and Ohio can’t really be the south, can it?

HOW WRONG WAS I. Oh man. As soon as I moved here, it was like moving to a different country. The manners…the mannerisms…the clothing…the sports (JK, go Bucks!). I mean, it was NOTHING like my little hometown in Northwest Ohio. A complete and utter change. But you know what? I learned to love it. I never really adopted that twang Kentucky is known for, and I never was a debutante (not my thing, anyways!), but I have pretty much taken on all things Kentucky – which to me means I have that Southern Charm.


I will still always count myself as a northern girl; I have the straight northern accent (which I think is just plain, but Zach says makes me talk a lot faster), I’m beyond pale, and I still love me some white Christmases. But ever since I’ve moved south, I’ve adopted the charm that comes with the Southern persona. I’ve adopted to the “ma’am’s” and “sir’s”, I have learned to love mint juleps, and even though they still make me nervous, I love the horses. The horse races, the horse farms, just the overall culture that horses bring to Kentucky. I love monograms now (more than ever with the impending nuptials!), I can’t believe I was missing out on Lilly Pulitzer planners throughout the majority of my life, I love those Cats (football, basketball, the whole gang), and I love game day with my friends. I tear up singing “My Old Kentucky Home” – and that right there is what makes me feel like I belong.

While I will always have my home in Northern Ohio, and I will always go back for those nearest and dearest to me, I have a home in Kentucky now, and I think I’m luckier than anyone to be a northern girl who found some southern charm.

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