Life Lately

Hello there! It sure seems like it’s been a while since we last spoke. What’s that you say? It’s been a month? I mean, technically…yes. It’s been a month. I suck. I think we can all agree that sometimes life just takes precedence over telling the tales. The month of May was definitely one of those times; a long, drawn out time, that is. Let’s start by outlining exactly what you all have missed…

The month of May called for…

  • Graduating!
  • An anniversary celebration
  • A (long-awaited) trip to Florida
  • An engagement…but not my own!
  • Getting back into the routine of life
  • The loss of a dear, sweet man (and the celebration of his life)
  • A new job!
  • and birthday celebrations.

Now, let’s start at the top.

Graduation [5.10.2014]

For a two-and-a-half hour ceremony, thirty seconds of elation as I walked across the stage, thirty more seconds of fireworks and streamers, and a mess of confusion throughout the day, we celebrated. Really and truly, that’s all I have to say about that. Except for PRAISE THE LORD I’M DONE.

I got all artsy.

I got all artsy.

An anniversary celebration [5.11.2014]

Two years with the love of my life. I couldn’t even try to be happier.

You were expecting a serious picture? YEAH RIGHT.

A (long-awaited) trip to Florida [5.12-5.17.2014]

A week spent with friends, some sand, a few drinks, and a couple of rounds of euchre. This is exactly how I want every vacation to be for the rest of my life. Not to mention, Florida contained…

We killed our meal at The Melting Pot.

We killed our meal at The Melting Pot.

An engagement…but not my own! [5.15.2014]

My best friend is getting married! SQUEE!!! And I got to take some engagement shots on the beach. These will grace the blog this week. GET EXCITED.


Getting back into the routine of life

This one gets no explanation. While I enjoy my routine, I only got to enjoy it for two weeks. (Not to mention I would have rather planted my ass in Florida.)


The loss of a dear, sweet man (and the celebration of his life)

My sweet best friend lost her grandfather early last week, and I took some time to visit and celebrate his life with my second family. They took me in on a number of occasions when I was younger, and let me tell you this: no other grandpa has taken the time to cook delicious food, to put up with our loud children’s voices, or opened his doors to said squealing girls on so many occasions, and been so gracious. He is a soul who will truly be missed, but who is getting the best seat up above.


A new job! [5.30.2014]

Last Friday afternoon came with a nice surprise for a change…a new (real) job! I’m an adult! I have an office. With a desk. And places to put pictures. And the awesome cup Zach’s mom got me for graduation. Such excitement, some nerves, and a little bit of nausea followed me to the office this morning for a pretty fantastic first morning. How did I get so lucky?


…and birthday celebrations. [6.1.2014]

We celebrated the birth of my love with family and friends for the entirety of the weekend, and I could honestly think of no better way to spend my days off. We are both so lucky to have such fantastic friends and family members surrounding us. I loved celebrating Zach and his 26th birthday all weekend, and I really hope he grasped the gift of love and appreciation.

He loves me.

He loves me.

As you can see, life has been crazy. A little bit of good, a little bit of bad, and a whole lot of amazing were what the month of May had in store for me, and I just wish I could replay the month over and over again. Even though I couldn’t keep this lovely blog up-to-date constantly, I am glad I have a space to come back to and to collect the memories of how this new chapter in my life began. I honestly cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for me as well! It will no doubt be a time to learn, a time to grow, a time to find my path, and mostly time to celebrate, have fun, and live the best life possible! I should be on a much more normal schedule now that my life is back on a schedule, so keep an eye around these parts.



Time for Some Updates


So, Christmas is done…and the New Year has started…when did that happen again?! I completely disappeared from all things social media, and I’m so glad I did. I got to take a wonderful break, spend all of my time with the people I love, and I just overall had an amazing week! I’m truly sad to see it go. Zach and I started our Christmas almost a month ago thanks to my huge family, so after six family gatherings, we were more than ready to take a break. Since we aren’t engaged, we still like to take time on Christmas Day to relax with our own families and spend time enjoying the traditions that we already have in our lives. We have our own Christmas tradition of staying up late Christmas Eve and opening our gifts to each other at midnight, and I love it! I love making traditions of our own.

On Christmas morning, I headed over to my parents’ home in my footie pajamas, snuggled into my favorite chair, and enjoyed spending time with my loved ones.


(In case you couldn’t tell, my wonderful parents, shown here, surprised me with an amazing new DSLR!) After presents, a rallying game of Monopoly, and a marathon of Spaghetti Westerns, I headed home to Zach, and proceeded to sleep for fourteen hours. No joke. I guess you could say it’s been a busy, stressful semester! I so needed this break to restart myself and get into the groove of some new routines.

Beginning this Monday, I am starting back at work and beginning my new schedule, which means it’s time to figure out where the things I want to do can mesh with the things I need to do. As a goal for my entire year (not a resolution, a goal), I am going to set some easy but useful goals for myself each month! Goals seem to inspire me to do the things I want – and should – do, so I think it’s the best way to start this new, blank year.

January Goals:

Stay on track for the new budget (envelope system, here I go!)

Find time to work in at least 4 workouts a week, at home or the gym

Write at least 4 letters this month, and plan to continue this each month

Figure out the bookshelf situation (future blog post about this organizational hazard!)

Read one leisure book (post-break book, during the semester)

Stay on top of all assignments/classes/reading for the month, and keep it up!

Cook two dinners a week for the family, Mom deserves a break

Blog 3 times a week (shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, was doing it already!)

I’m so excited to start a new year and to experience all of the adventures that will come with it; graduation, jobs, graduate school, and moving back out on my own are on the (very close) horizon, and I couldn’t be more ready! The start of a new year brings with it so many demands of bettering your life in health and mentality, and I think that it’s a great start, but don’t let it intimidate you any more than starting a new routine mid-October. Find a way to make this new year about learning, experiencing, loving, and having fun!

Have you made a list of any goals for the month or year? I’d love to hear about them!

My Best Friend

Well, I figure that since you’re here for whatever reason (I lead a boring life – only expect the occasional surprise!), I might as well start introducing the characters in my life. Today is the day you get to meet Zach.


Z looking quite dapper for a recent job interview.

This is my best friend, confidant, goofball, sweetheart, all-around amazing person. He’s the best person I’ve ever met, and I really would not ever want to change that. Zach hasn’t been in my life for an entirely long time – I couldn’t be that lucky – but Iv’e gotten to have him around full-time for the past two years of my life. We met online (gasp!) and have very much so defeated any stereotype that could have been set in front of us. I had just gotten over my first long term relationship and was ready to meet some new faces, and he was in the same boat…only four years ahead of me. I was just a sophomore in college and he was just rounding out 23 years. After a few horribly creepy just alright dates with two different guys, I saw Zach’s profile and decided to give him a chance. He looked sweet, piqued my interest, and his profile actually made me giggle a bit (he had some crazy curly hair when I first met him, but I loved it right away). From the first night we met, three weeks later, we were inseparable. With the exception of one weekend, I’ve spent my free days with this man and have gotten to know just who he is inside and out.


Can you see why I giggle? Such a goof.

Lately I have found myself watching friends from my younger (much younger) years find their significant others, get engaged, married even, and I have just sat in awe trying to understand how we have gotten to these new places in our lives. We used to see each other every day, walk from our middle school to the local coffee shop and just mess around until it was time to go home. These were people I saw again when I returned to the north for college, people who I feel like I was just talking to yesterday when, in reality, it was three years ago (lets bring that up later). I sometimes find myself asking “What if…”; what if I hadn’t left? Where would I be now? Who would that affect, who would that change? Where would they be now? It’s hard to know the what if’s, because the what if’s can never happen. There is no time machine (that we know of…) that can take us back and allow us to change our decisions. We will never know what would have been.

And I am ok with that.

I love my life, I love where I am, and I love who I’ve become. More than anything, I love the people I have met. I have made and kept so many friendships from returning to Lexington, and I’ve still maintained the best of my old friendships, a true test of their strength. I absolutely love Zach, and I love having him in my life. I ask myself more than anything else “How have I gotten so lucky?!”. I feel like if I ever get too excited about my life it’ll be taken away from me, but I’m just so damn happy to be where I am. Those “what if’s” only cause trouble when they arise, but sometimes in order to truly appreciate what you do have, and those people who you are blessed with, you have to think about it.

I couldn’t want my life to have gone any other way.