Five on Friday


TGIF! I am so excited that in t minus 2 hours, I will be heading home for two relaxing days. Spring break starts next Wednesday, too, so there is extra excitement after having gotten this long week over with! Today, I am linking up with the wonderful women at The Good Life, A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, and Hello! Happiness for another round of Five on Friday! This week has had me revolving around the thought of health and overall wellness, and after reading this post from Katie at Katie Elizabeth, I’ve gotten some inspiration and found five ways to improve my health this week!

[one] making regular appointments – and keeping them!

if you are anything like me, you have either been avoiding the dentist for a few years (yes, I brush my teeth, but the dentist and I have never been friends), or you didn’t realize that annual checkups should keep happening after you turn 13. For some reason, I didn’t know that, but after having a nice talk with my mom and being scolded for NOT seeing my primary in years (sorry, Dr. Blues), I’ve scheduled an appointment. I have a specialist who I see twice a year thanks to epilepsy, but other than those appointments, I have avoided doctors! Since I’ve grown in age and maturity, I’ve come to realize that doctors are your friends, and you should see them as often as possible. So, this week alone, I have made appointments with: my dentist, my primary, my women’s health physician, and yet another specialist (Gastroenterology. Look it up. Maybe I’ll post about it in the future, if it’s not too much of a scarring experience). Having made these appointments already has me feeling healthy and health-conscious, two aspects that my body will thank me for!

[two] skin care routines

I have already posted about my skin care routine here, but after writing that post, I made the decision to update my routine, and my makeup supply! Did you know that makeup can go bad? It seems like everyone but me already knew this, but late is better than never. With my new knowledge, I tossed over half (!) of my makeup supply, and brought it almost back to stock with some help from Ulta. I also decided to try some new skin care products, thus ridding myself of my St. Ives face scrub. I’ve added a nightly skin care routine that has honestly improved my skin SO MUCH. Ask me how many breakouts I’ve had in the past month and a half. That answer? None. Absolutely none! I love it, and I can’t wait to share it. There are some more products that I want to add to the routine, but those will have to wait until after the March spending hiatus.


[three] wardrobe update

So the whole idea behind working out and eating healthy is to lose weight and get fit, right? One big issue with that is that my jeans no longer fit; a blessing and a curse, I tell you. Although I can’t buy anything this month, I have began to make a list of quality clothing that I can use to replace my too-big shirts and pants. Plus, with grad school coming around the bend, I figure some professional items should make their way home to me. I won’t be buying anything in the too-near future, mostly because I want to be sure my size is staying put, but I’ll start to post some outfit ideas here to get some feedback!

[four] mental health breaks

Magazines and leisurely reading have honestly gotten me through this week; midterms started this week and end next Wednesday, so my workout schedule has sucked, in all honesty. I took a break in order to stick to working on projects, papers, and exams, so in my spare time I gave myself a break and took on some light reading. I plan on picking back up next week, and making it a permanent fixture in my schedule, but it has also been nice to just watch my eating habits, and to not shame myself for taking it easy. Stressing over your breaks only makes you feel worse; accept the breaks, enjoy them, but then push right back into the routine when the time comes.


Holy middle school, Batman.

[five] friendships

I FINALLY get to see two of my best friends next Wednesday, as we are going to Cleveland for a concert. Getting to reunite with the two people who I grew up alongside and know better than most is going to be the most amazing way to begin a long week of relaxation. There really is nothing like a great friend.

Beauty is In the Eye of the Beholder…or in the products she holds?

Lately I have been seeing a lot of people explaining how they keep their bodies from turning into a raisin in this “polar vortex” that is flying through the US. And it really made me want to give you all another look into my (semi) personal life. A little look into my routine, if you will. I love to read all about the different products that these women are using because I am always on the lookout for a new, and hopefully permanent, beauty routine to take up. As a teenager, I seriously – and I mean seriously – struggled with acne. It was horrible, cystic, and red ALL. THE. TIME. In my senior year of high school, I went on Accutane after the recommendation from a friend. It was a very serious medication to be on, so after monthly blood tests and a number of other steps, I began the pills. I was on it for less than the full term of treatment, but I still had felt some serious results! My acne had cleared out, and the redness was gone. It had given me severely dry skin for the duration of the treatment, and it also left my face a bit more sensitive, but it did the trick. I was able to leave my house without fear of being ridiculed and judged. Fast forward 4 years, and I have had messy spots of acne here and there, without any chance of ever being on the medication again (epilepsy, but we’ll save that for another post), and wondering where I went from there.

I have yet to figure out what steps I will take for my dermatological predicament, but for now, I have found a regimen that helps keep my skin looking fresh! We’ll start with that as the foundation of any beauty routine.


Imageone. I begin my routine with St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub. This is the one product that I have been using religiously since the pre-high school era, and it is one that I think I will be switching very soon. Until then I can rave about it’s power! It always, and I mean ALWAYS, makes my face feel completely fresh and clean, and it’s not too harsh for my sensitive skin. (St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub).

Imagetwo. Now we welcome the one thing that has kept my blemishes under control for the past two years. Zapzyt is a really gentle, effective, and cheap acne treatment that I like to put on immediately after cleaning my face. It doesn’t burn, isn’t bad smelling, and really controls any breakouts that occur. (Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel)

Imagethree. For the absolute favorite part of getting my face ready in the mornings, welcome the best moisturizer EVER. I absolutely love Simple Skincare Protecting Moisturizer. It is light, fresh, and hypoallergenic, making it a Godsend for my skin. It also has a light SPF which is something everyone should be using! Protecting your skin means youthful look for LIFE. (Simple Skincare Protecting Light Moisturizer)

Imagefour. To top my face off with a light, gentle touch, I like to use a simple powder to help keep my skin one even tone. I absolutely adore Covergirl’s Clean Pressed Powder for sensitive skin. It’s oil and fragrance free, making it the perfect pal for my face, and keeping me looking fresh and clean all day. (Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder, Sensitive Skin)

And that’s it! I’ll leave it at my most basic, early-morning routine for now, and maybe next week we can move on to hair, nails, and my rarely-touched makeup. I know that everyone has a different setting and uses different products, but if you are anything like myself, then I know you like to hear about the simple things in another person’s life, and maybe even finding a new favorite product!

If you have any suggestions or any favorite products, please share! I love to hear about it all.

[And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just love the products I’ve got!]