Oh Hey, Friday! [The Discovery]

Happy Friday, everyone!

I think this post needs to start out with one statement and one statement only…


Shew, now that I’ve got that off my chest (working in an office full of middle aged men means nobody understands my Mean Girls references), let’s get on to today’s Oh Hey, Friday topic of…

What Happens When Everyone and Their Mom Find’s Your Blog

[one] Just to preface the rest of this post, on Wednesday, I decided that, rather than use my personal Instagram (that’s filled with a lot of people who wish to stay out of the “lime light” that is this blog (sidenote: HA!), I should make a new Insta for this here blog! First mistake. Apparently when you make a new Instagram, it tells ALL OF YOUR INSTAGRAM FRIENDS. Therefore subjecting your fiancé’s co-worker (Hi, Aaron. Thanks for joining us.), sorority sisters (HI SIG KAPS!), and just about everyone to take a nice, long, personal look into your life.


[two] How in the world do you deal with this? If you’re like me, you go back and forth between ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS before realizing which one was the snitch. Thanks again, Instagram. Cool move. When I realized my two world’s were meeting in one fell swoop, I blushed pretty much for the remainder of the day, contemplated deleting the Instagram and making everything private, and got irrationally upset quite a few times.

[three] When you come to terms with the fact that, yes, everyone AND their mother (and maybe my mother? HI MOM) has in fact found your online diary, you’ll still be a little angry. But why? For me it was as simple as this: this blog was a way for me to just get whatever was on my mind out there without seriously driving my then-boyfriend out of his mind. Plus I LOVE WRITING. Duh. But I never really invited my friends to read said blog, besides Jess. Because she hears all about this stuff on the daily anyways. HOLLA. And I was OK with that. This was my place to just let loose, meet random other people from across the nation, and converge on all things “life”. Mishaps, sad times, happy times, adding to the family, getting ready to get married, funny stories, fantastic recipes, and just about a million glimpses into other people’s wardrobes/makeup bags/etc.


[four] I think that sometime yesterday afternoon, as I was finishing up a powerpoint final for class, I decided I would just have to suck it up. I know that not everyone who finds this blog, acquaintance or not, is going to hang around for all of time. And that’s ok (especially because some of those people from my real life will then reference this blog when they could have just been talking to me in person), because I just need a place to write it all down. And I am just too freaking lazy to actually write this in a journal. Which brings me to point number five…

[five] I LOVE GETTING FEEDBACK FROM Y’ALL. Seriously, I love linking up for Wedding Wednesday and getting some wonderful words of advice and encouragement. Not that I don’t get them from the people in my life already, but I know Zach really gets sick of wedding talk, and there’s only so much advice you can drag out of people. I love getting random comments from people who were just passing by and liked what they saw. I enjoy reading about you all, even if we never have (and never might) meet in person. If anything, the one thing that keeps me around is the idea that someone out there, even if they never comment or let you know they stopped by, might be positively affected by someone they can relate to. This blogging world is the perfect place for introverts like me to get out there and let people hear my voice, and I don’t plan on leaving just because my two worlds have collided.

I think that, while some may laugh at my rambling posts, and others may just skim them over, I can deal with people I know reading about my life. Just make sure that you still give me some face-time rather than thinking my entire life is written all over these pages!

As usual, linking up with Karli and Amy!


Liebster Award Nomination

Hey, y’all! It’s definitely not Friday, which is the day I was supposed to be posting this lovely…I would love to throw the blame on something other than my forgetfulness, but…alas. It was my forgetfulness. Anywho, this lovely little thing made my Friday feel even brighter than it was because…

I received a Liebster Award Nomination from the delightful Susanna at SusannaAntihero! Her blog is filled with beautiful prose, poetry, and some musings that really sing to my soul. This post right here? This is my life in a nutshell. It really is a great blessing to be nominated for this award, and I can’t wait to let you all in on a little more of my life. Without further ramblings, here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

[one] Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

[two] Answer the 11 questions they gave you.

[three] Nominate 11 other blogs with less than 200 followers.

[four] Let those blogs know that you nominated them by leaving a comment on their blog.

[five] Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

Here are the questions Susanna gave me:

1. (Of course) What made you decide to start your own blog?

As I’ve shared before, I wanted to start a blog almost out of spite to  my attention span. I love having a way of journaling, of emptying my mind when it is too full for me to think straight, but I also love getting to be a part of such an awesome community of bloggers. Thankfully, I have won the battle against myself, and this blog has stuck around!

2. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Flying. No doubt in my mind, I would want to fly. Have you ever had those dreams where you can fly? I have them all. the. damn. time. And it almost makes me sad when I wake up. I would love to fly all over the place.

3. What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book at the moment is The Fault in Our Stars. This will more than likely change soon, because I will read yet another splendid book and I will probably love it a little more. Until I read TFiOS again…

4. What would be your dream job?

My dream job. This is one I’ve thought about a lot lately due to the impending graduation date. I think I would either have to say an event coordinator or a travel writer. With the travel compensated, of course. What kind of a dream job would it be without free travel?!

5. What is something you’ve always been afraid of?

Bugs. Spiders, particularly. My Dad once dangled a spider above my head while I was lying in my bed terrified. Thanks a lot, Dad.

6. Who is your famous person crush? (Doesn’t have to be a movie star, but definitely can be)

OOOOOOOH so difficult. Tom Hiddleston is number one, but after seeing Divergent, Mr. Theo James is a very close second.

7. Do you believe in the supernatural and if so have you ever experienced any occurrences?

I want to so badly, but I’m not sure that I can. If you tell me a place is haunted, I will still be freaked out though. Give me the undeniable proof and I will believe! (Side note, I do love me some Supernatural. Plaid shirts and daddy issues.)

8. What is one of the last movies you’ve seen that you really loved and one that you hated?

I loved Frozen. I hated The Lone Ranger. Even though I loved Johnny Depp.

9. If your place was burning down and you could save one possession, what would it be? (Let’s say all the people and pets with you are safe) 

If it wasn’t on my wrist, my bracelet. If it was on my wrist (like normal) I would go for my memory box. It’s packed with knick-knacks from the past 12 years of my life.

10. What is something you really like about yourself? 

I love my legs, even though they are so sore from running right now. If we’re talking personality wise, I like my shyness. I can tuck it away if completely necessary but I think it helps me stay humble.

11. And last, tell me an interesting/random fact about yourself.

…I can make fart noises with my hands. This is so random, and so not flattering, but Zachary LOVES IT. He cries from laughter each time I do it. And I like to do it when the room is completely silent. So who still wants to be my friend after that big reveal?

And now, here are a few blogs I chose to nominate for a range of reasons. They may be friends, or complete strangers, but I think that they deserve to know that at least someone (albeit someone who makes fart noises with her hands) enjoys reading their blog. (I chose to go with 5, although the rules did call for 11. I do what I want!). In no particular order:

Everybody Does That

Love, Coffee, Tea.


23 before 24

I’m Never Going To Be Into You

Here are your questions:

[one] Why did you decide to start your blog?

[two] Where did you last travel, and for what reason?

[three] What was your last dream?

[four] What is your favorite book?

[five] What would you like to make a post about but haven’t written yet?

[six] If you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be? (You know the gist, dead or alive, famous, what have you.)

[seven] What was your dream life like when you were younger?

[eight] What is your dream life like now?

[nine] If you could do something you’ve never done before for one whole day, what would you do?

[ten] What is your least favorite movie?

[eleven] Tell us something about you (a skill, a secret, anything!)


In case you haven’t noticed just yet, or in case you’re wondering who the hell this is, some things have been changed in the past 24 hours! The Forgotten Blog is now Northern Girl, Southern Charm. 

I have finally purchased my domain (!) and I own the webpage. Nothing else is changing, It’s still me, Rachael; I’m still posting the same random life-happenings that have been around for the past three months, I just decided i was time to make things a little less “forgotten” and a bit more memorable!

Hopefully soon I will have a new, personalized layout (any takers?), and that will be the extent to which this little chunk of my life will change. For now…

Thank you all for stopping by when you do, and for leaving any notes for me that you do! I truly appreciate every view, and I would love even more to talk to you, the readers! My email is still the same (organizingatrainwreck [at] gmail [dot] com), and you can always reach me there!


Starting the Week On a Tuesday

I promise, I meant to skip my blog post yesterday! I totally didn’t forget…or maybe I did and this week is just gonna be a late one for me. It feels like that kind of a week. I left work an hour early yesterday because I thought it was 5 when really it was only 4! My work schedule for the week will definitely be reflecting that…

Any who, today is a special day. I took the afternoon to look into my life and figure out some things that I want to happen, and maybe some things I would like to change. I love getting to set up my monthly goals, as I told you here, so much so that I decided to add the goal of creating a 101 in 1001 list! And today, it is my great pleasure to début the list!

101 in 1001

Create 1-11

Create a 101 in 1001 list

Complete the 365 Project (either on Instagram or through the camera)

Write and publish the planner

DIY three things (0/3)

Start a photo album

Journal every day for one month

Write 50 letters (0/50)

Plan an event

Write a freelance article and get it published

Create a work wardrobe (blouses) (dresses) (dress pants) (blazer) (shoes)

Create five “101” lists for the blog (0/5)

Culture 12-17

Research one community from outside the United States

Go to three concerts (0/3)

See a musical/play/opera at the Lexington Opera House

Watch 20 award-winning films (at least 5 in a foreign language) (0/15) (0/5)

Get tattoos 2 and 3 (0/2)

Visit 5 museums (0/5)

Cook 18-27

Cook a gluten-free red velvet cake from scratch

Meal prep for an entire month (Week 1) (Week 2) (Week 3) (Week 4)

Eat something besides cereal for breakfast for one week

Take a cooking class

Cook dinner from a recipe (not a box) for one week

Try five new foods (0/5)

Can my own pickles

Get a new set of pots and pans

Have a backwards meal (dessert, dinner, drinks)

Host a dinner party for friends or family

Pocketbook & Pants Challenge 28-34

Run a 5K (beginning to end)

Get to goal weight

Keep up a normal workout schedule for at least 6 months (February 2014-)

Take five new fitness classes (0/5)

Save $4,000 dollars

Get one credit card (for emergencies and building credit score)

Buy a lottery ticket

Give 35-44

Donate $100 dollars to the charity of my choice

Volunteer at church

Volunteer at the Lexington Humane Society

Run three charity/research funding 5Ks (0/3)

Pay it forward five times (0/5)

Do a volunteer mission (Habitat, Red Bird, etc.)

Adopt a dog!

Donate unwanted/unworn clothes

Inspire someone else to do the list

Do something special for each immediate family member

Give Up 45-52

Go without chocolate for one month

Go without soda for three months

Do not buy anything that is not necessary for two months consecutively

Participate in One Day Without Shoes

Give up meat one day a week for one month

Do not look at social media over one weekend (Friday at 5 pm till Monday at 6 am)

Volunteer at a soup kitchen for a holiday meal (give up your holiday)

Go one week without hitting snooze

Learn 53-62

Learn about another religion

Earn master’s degree

Research small businesses

Continue learning Italian (post-graduation)

Read 52 leisure books (0/52)

Get CPR certified

Either find or begin my dream job

Learn calligraphy

Find out my blood type

Learn how to fold a fitted sheet

Love 63-72

Get engaged

Move in together

Create a living space together

Sleep under the stars

Go on 20 official dates (0/20)

Plan a wedding

Ask a new question at least once a week (aka, keep learning about each other)

Go skinny dipping

Go to a Sunday matinée showing four times (0/4)

Plan a surprise night

Love Myself 73-82

Get a massage

Get a facial

Solo dinner date

Write a letter to yourself in ten years

Subscribe to the magazines you buy anyways (Cosmo) (Self) (Shape) (Women’s Health February 2014) (Redbook)

Find your beauty routine

Grow out your hair past shoulder length

Get professional pictures taken

Start a new tradition

Invest in one piece of designer clothing

Go 83-92

Go on the distillery tour

Travel to the West Coast

Visit the Louisville Slugger Museum

Spend the weekend in a new city

Go on a cruise

Get a passport

Get a stamp on said passport

Visit to New York City

Go to COSI

See the monuments at Washington, D.C.

Blog 93-100

Blog for a month straight

Feature five guest bloggers (0/5)

Reach 100 followers

Create a regular link-up

Have two giveaways (0/2)

Blog post for some of the goals being crossed off/worked on

Give The Forgotten blog a makeover

Own the domain

And finally… 101

Create another 101 in 1001 list.

So there it is! Today is my official start day, making my end date November 8th, 2016. I’ll be sure to create a new page for the list so that I can keep it (and you all!) updated. I’ve got a goal to keep my posts updated with some of the goal accomplishments, so you’ll get to read all about it, too! Thank you all for reading this blog so far; here’s hoping that this list will challenge us both!

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Since I’m new here and all that, I have been catching on to some of the ropes of blogging. After first finding some wonderful and very entertaining blogs to follow on my own, I have found some really fun linkups in the midst of it all! I first saw this linkup in Taylor Rae’s blog from Taylored & Turquoise [if you haven’t seen her blog, make sure to stop by and check her out!], and I thought it was amazing! Most every girl has wanted to do the Cosmopolitan celebrity quiz, and here’s the opportunity!

The Blogmopolitan Quiz pt II

Feel free to head on over to Erin’s blog at Two Thirds Hazel and try it out for yourself!


What to do, what to do…

Sometimes it can get tough to keep up with things; homework, friendships, a blog… Whatever it may be, to do lists seem to grow and grow, and then they seem to be this huge monster looming over your shoulder. Lately I’ve found myself jumping awake in the middle of the night feeling anxious. Sometimes it’s because of a dream, or a forgotten idea from the previous day, but recently it’s been from anxiety about forgetfulness. I forget to do a quick quiz, to start a paper outline, to eat my dinner, to study, the list goes on and on. And it never seems to get any shorter!

The first thought that comes to mind is when I was 18, fresh out of high school, with my dad telling me that it only gets crazier from there, and to enjoy it. Needless to say, those years are gone, and they were gone sooner than I ever expected them to be! Now fresh into 22, I’m staring down a loaded barrel of my last semester of college, graduate school, a job, a family…oh God. Here we go. This is what I do to myself every day! Of course, there are always those things I resort to stressing about, and they sure as hell aren’t good to me. What if they don’t accept my application? Will I be living at home until I’m 25? When can I have a life? HOW DO I PAY OFF ALL THIS DEBT?!?

Regardless of how many times I tell myself to chill out, no matter how many times my guy tells me to “woo-sah”, I still find myself holding the weight of my world on my shoulders. But then, when I stop to think about it, I realize why all that stress just keeps coming on. Nothing on my list is good. Like inherently fun, or exciting, or great to think about and anticipate. It’s full of “do this paper now” and “make sure to take the GRE by this time”; there is no “make sure to GO OUT tomorrow” or “spend some quality free time with your family/friends/boyfriend”. There is literally nothing benefiting me physically or mentally on this list; it only ensures I graduate and am ready for whatever comes next. What I don’t look at is that if I don’t take care of ME, there won’t be a ME in the future.

SO, it’s time for that to change. It’s time to make a long-term FUN to do list.

  1. Read one “fun” book a month; having too much school reading is not an excuse to lose touch with your favorite hobby.
  2. Give the boy at least one full day of attention a week; you already don’t see him much, make the time worth it!
  3. Exercise; yeah, this isn’t fun, but your body will thank you, and you will DEFINITELY thank your body!
  4. Sleep, and sleep well; turn off the TV, put on some music, shut off the lights and get the deep sleep you need.
  5. Eat well; you know what your body wants and what it needs. Stick to the needs and have a few wants when it should happen.
  6. Make one evening a week a YOU night; take a bath, watch a movie, give yourself a facial, do what you want to do!
  7. Write letters; to friends or family, it doesn’t matter, just do it!
  8. RELAX. You heard me, just do it.

So there it is. The list to end all lists. And the one I should really be thinking about when I feel bogged down in all the exhausting events that school/work bring along. And you should do it, too! Get out there and make your own feel-good list; make it happen, and I bet you anything you’ll start feeling better.


Type-A Tuesday

I guess I should start by saying hey there! I’m Rachael, and how the hell you stumbled upon my sorry excuse for a blog, I have no idea. But I’m glad you found it anyways. If you want to get to know more about the basics, check out my about page.

The basic idea of this post is pretty simple: I’m trying to figure out how I can keep up with this blog. I’ve tried it about a million times, maybe even more, but everything that life throws at me seems to just get in the way. School is a constant distraction, always in the forefront of my mind; as much as I love my dear boy, he keeps me away from any sort of commitments I might try to keep on the weekends. I’ve always wanted to stick with it, and not for the publicity or popularity, but just because I really love to write; who the hell cares if someone likes (or dislikes) one thing that really brings you happiness in your life, you should always do it. So, I am. Today is my type-a day, I guess you could say (geeze – rhyme much?); I’m just so damn motivated! I’ve worked out, I finished all of the items on my to-do list, and in a fit of boredom and inspiration (borspiration), I came to my old WordPress page. I deleted the old, and started anew with The Forgotten Blog.

Writing is my life, and it will continue to be my life for, well, the better part of forever. So I want to share my interests, my hopes, my stories, my failures, pretty much everything. And the way I look at it is like a challenge; if I want to be able to document all of these things, if I want to be able to look back at this page and really, truly be happy, I need to write.

So, this is the beginning. Hopefully it is not the end, and if it is, thanks for reading this single, sad post.

But if not, thank you for coming along with me, from the start.