Oh Hey, Friday [Winter Favorites]

Happy Friday, y’all! I am feeling so much better this week. After a week like last week, it was the best thing to be free and be allowed to do what I want – even go to work! I was stranded yesterday (my car is sick), and I felt just how cruddy it is to be cooped up in the house. However, this time around, I did a little cleaning, organizing, and…online shopping!

I’m currently loving my job, but actively searching for another. I am in a field that is the opposite of my current field of study, and I  need, more than anything, to get an internship in my field. So, as winter fell upon us just two days ago, I began to look for some cute winter staples that will help get me through a few interviews, and hopefully will come along with me as I venture into a new position soon! I’ve been stalking different style blogs for some must-have pieces, and I’ve been checking in on some of my favorite stores (GAP, Loft, and J Crew, to be exact) for some good sale prices! I’m still on the hunt for one particular piece, but first let’s see what I’m bringing to my closet in the next few weeks!

[one] Starburst Jeweled Sweatshirt

imageServiceI am so excited to get home to this beauty on my front porch! This sweater from Loft will be the perfect winter addition. It’s perfect for layering, which is great for someone who works in a chilly office (me) and who likes to layer it up whenever possible (me)! It’s currently 40 percent off online, as well as everything else in the store, so check it out!

[two] Voila! Tee


This is a bit of a fun one for me; when I graduated in May, I pretty much cleared out my closet from any fun tees. Not only that, but I also tossed a lot of my college tee shirts as well, mainly because they had aged after four years of constant wear! So, in a grown up manner, I am adding back in just a few cute statement tees for nights out and weekends running errands. This tee from Old Navy is simple, cute, and not too obnoxious! It’s also on sale, but only because they’re almost sold out!

[three] Ribbed Cowl Scarf


I am in love with this scarf. I cannot lie. It is just simple, and cute, and will go with anything (thankfully). I foresee myself wearing this scarf daily, and I might even grab another before the season is over. If there is anything that gets cold on my body first, it’s my neck. And it gets painful. So this little buddy is going to be my lifesaver this year! It’s on sale at GAP right now for $19.00, and they’re also running a 30 percent off deal!

[four] Women’s Frost Free Quilted Vest


I don’t even know what to say here. I think this is just a piece everyone should own! Sometimes, it’s not quite cold, but it’s not quite warm either, and you still feel like adding some layers. A simple puffer vest is THE way to go. I already have this piece, and for the past few weeks where it’s gone between 40 and 60 degrees, this jacket has been a life saver. It’s cute, easy to layer over a sweater, and when you add a scarf on top, it’s just the right amount of warm. This jacket is only $20.00 from Old Navy right now, and they are also having a little percent off sale!

[five] Shearwater Boots


This last item is my final must-have, but also the only item I do not own. Up until last year, or even the last two years, it wasn’t necessary to own snow boots. In fact, even now it’s not really necessary to own some crazy, heavy-duty boots like I had when I lived in Ohio. However, these shearwater boots are perfect. They aren’t too tall, they have a shearling lining for some added warmth, and a waterproof sole so that you can walk through the slush and “snow” that central Kentucky gets during the winter. They would be the perfect addition to my shoe collection…if it weren’t for the $150 price tag. So, I am hoping that J. Crew throws out a little Black Friday online sale (because I refuse to step foot in the mall on that day), and that before the big storms roll through, I will be the new proud owner of some stylish, practical boots!

What are some of your winter must-haves? I love to see what styles everyone finds as they find themselves having to bundle up! Have a happy Friday!

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Fashion, or The Most Versatile Word

Hi there and happy Monday! Today wasn’t a day I had planned on blogging, but a glorious snow day (full of rest and relaxation) has left me with the spare evening hours to write. And to smash in a few hours of studying and reading, because what’s a snow day without extra weekend-procrastination? Today, this entire weekend really, I have been thinking about one thing – fashion. I love clothes, and I love seeing everyone’s unique style. I think that even if you don’t put thought into your appearance, you still do in a way. You choose to wear something for a reason. I love my grey t-shirt because it’s a little loose, and so worn-in that it feels like a feather bed. Some people wear their Chinese Laundry wedges because they complement their adorable cropped jeans and flowing blouse combination. Honestly? I wish i had the eyes (and the wallet) to pull of the latter. My day-to-day attire generally consists of American Eagle skinnies, my black knee-high boots, and some version of my grey t-shirt, whether it be my blue-and-white stripped Express shirt, or an oversized-90s chambray I thrifted swiped from my mom. I really wish I had the eyes to see a piece that I can wear with three other pieces so I could create a complete but reasonable closet full of chic choices. So, today’s post is full of the girls whose style I admire; whether you run around in yoga pants, lie in a Mr. Rogers-esque cardigan, or are the envy of the office in a straight-out-of-the-glossy-paged ensemble, you have a style of your own, and you can always rock it!


[what i wore] Want a style blog that is full of street-smart, affordable, and ADORABLE outfits? Look no further than Jessica. She has an amazing philosophy about dressing to feel good, not to impress everyone around you. This standard and the endless fantastic outfits she pulls together time and time again have brought me around her blog for years!

[the//style//student] This girl is living the dream, no lie. Well, she’s living her dream, which should be inspiration to all of us! Nicole is a student at FIT in NYC, and does social media for Nanette Lepore (see: here) (also see: REALLY AMAZING FASHION LINE). She takes high-fashion statements and makes them wearable on the streets and in everyday life. She is a true inspiration, and she seriously has her shit together for someone at my age. Nicole, can you just be my guardian angel/muse?!


[brooke’s nooks] Brooke is a twenty-something whose preppy style is honestly enviable! I love that she brings her own touches to her style each day, not letting the pieces speak over her. She rotates her pieces and brings new life into each of them by changing up the way she wears each dress and top. I love the versatility that she brings to her outfits!

[good life] Jill has an amazing sense of style and she knows how to find pieces that can be used in almost every outfit, which is impressive and honestly something I’d love to bring to my wardrobe. When I first stumbled across her blog I was amazed to find out that she is the mom to two kids! She seriously looks like she is fresh out of college, which just goes to show you that finding your own style can keep you looking fresh and young every day. No need to change who you are or what you look like; just get dress to impress (yourself!)

[sidewalk ready] This last blog is a recent discovery for me, but it was love at first sight/read. Let me tell you about Kayley. Girl has STYLE, and she shares it with all of her readers, complete with tutorials and wallet-friendly fashion-finds. It is seriously an awesome blog for finding outfits that call out to your heart and that you can take to the sidewalk – literally!

Each of these amazing women really bring the idea of confidence and loving yourself into their blogs and their everyday lives, and that is something I admire in each of them! If there is anything you want to change about your style, make sure you have those two accessories by your side at all times. In order to truly be you in anything you wear, you have to love the body the outfit goes on!

What is your go-to outfit? Do you have any fashion blogs that you love to binge on?