What Will Be, Will Be [Wedding Wednesday]

Hi there! I hope you all are having a fun and exciting Wednesday, which means we’re one step closer to the weekend! I wish I could join in with the hump day festivities, but as I type this, I am hooked up to some brain activity monitors in a friendly-looking hospital. I’ve seen these walls before, so it is nothing new, but it is never fun to have some health troubles. I’ve had the diagnosis of epilepsy for about three and a half years now, and since then, I have ad no troubles. Until Tuesday morning at around 1 a.m., that is. In the past 30+ hours, I’ve been in the ER, had one rough night of sleep, saw my neurologist, got some confusing explanations (or, really, a lack of an explanation), and then at 10:30 this morning, I was admitted to the hospital for a bit of observation. While many would see this as a nice break off, I really would give anything to be in my classes and sitting in my chilly office at work. But, it is what it is; che sera, sera. So, for this short and sweet Wedding Wednesday, I leave you with our sneak peek engagement pictures! All of these photos were taken by the amazingly talented Lisa Hammond Photography.

10257529_1005812069444545_7575014589380632102_o 10293805_1005811949444557_6754892870289935547_o 10450027_1005811976111221_3345982712991609771_o 10468233_1005811979444554_4422248662685484928_o 10659113_1005811969444555_5613399455838869045_o 10700569_1005812036111215_6529672988134632953_o 10710368_1005812026111216_8629060213096888494_oThanks for stopping by, and let’s all hope I can escape this hospital soon!

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March Goals (and the Honesty Circle)

Alright, y’all, it’s time for two big truths that I have been avoiding all month.

I have completely failed my fitness goal for the month…and my budget goal for the month, too.



If you’ve been following the past two months, you know just how important these two goals have been in my life. Being 2 months away from graduation and getting into my mid-20s, these two goals are high on my list of priorities; I’m going to be paying a lot of bills/loans on my own soon, as well as needing to save (SAVE, SAVE, SAVE) so I can build up my fallback. I also really need to get my body as healthy as it can be and keep it that way. This is the point in my life where I can get to my goal without the complications that may come along in the next ten years. I really need to hold myself accountable for these two goals, but I really find myself falling short every day. I have Zach around to guilt me into my workouts every once in a while, but I know how to get him to hold off on the nagging if I don’t want to do anything one evening. That shouldn’t be my primary source of encouragement – I should be! Because of these fallbacks in my goal-setting for the month, I’ve set the same goal, and a few rules to go along with them in order to say “no” to the bad and “yes” to the good. So, first off, here is the stance of my…

February Goals:

Write at least 4 letters this month. [womp, womp]

Read one leisure book (SOON) [SUPER womp, womp. Maybe over Spring break]

Cook two dinners a week for the family. Mom deserves a break! not done every week due to schedules, but I’m keeping it up!]

Compile a 101 in 1001 list! Long-term goals for the win. [You’ve seen this. If not, check out the top of the page!]

Continue budget and exercise goals. [womp, womp, wooooomp]

Find a hobby and get really good at it (pick up that camera!) [started but stopped. not quite where I want it to go]

Do some research into wedding/event planning for future goals (talk to recently married couples) [This is ongoing]

Treat Zach to a Valentine’s Day surprise. It’s not just a day for me! [Beer and music. I’m awesome!]

Call a friend or family member 3 times a week (parents do not count!) [womp, womp]

Buy my web domain! [womp, womp]

And here comes the new set of goals, as well as a few disclaimers. As much as I want to take all of my unfinished goals and plop them into March’s slot, some of my ideas won’t fit into this month. I will pick them back up after the end of March (pending success in certain other areas), and then hopefully I will be back on track and where I want to be! So, without further ado, here come the…

March Goals:

Workout AT LEAST 4 times a week for one hour

Cut out all chocolate

Cut out all soda

Stay on track for the budget (check yourself twice a week)

Do not spend money on anything outside of the budget. Absolutely nothing. No exceptions.

Write at least 4 letters this month

Read two leisure books over spring break

Call a family member or friend 3 times a week

Continue to work on the camera (do some research!)

There it is! Hopefully I can find some new, exciting ways to keep myself on my toes and in touch with my goals; these are desires I have for myself for only the best reasons. I know that I shouldn’t beat myself up, but at some point you have to cave in and show yourself some tough love (hence giving chocolate and soda the boot. I’ll miss you, Dove chocolates!). I really need to crack down and teach myself these good habits ASAP, before I take my bad habits into the future and make a mess of what could start out as a much easier financial situation and a much healthier lifestyle. Wish me luck!

What are some ways in which you motivate yourself to take on the tough stuff? How do you find a way to say no to the bad and push for the good?