On My Mind

Happy Monday, y’all! We’ve made it through more than half of the work day; I promise that if I can make it through, so can you! While I would love to do a weekend recap for everyone (cause I know you are just that interested in how I spend my days), it really just wasn’t all that extraordinary on paper. Here’s how it goes:

-my car broke down on Thursday

-I went to Target with my mom on Friday to get a nice flannel scarf (I heart plaid).

-Saturday started at 8 am with Zach and my dad trying to fix the car…and further breaking it.

-Sunday included relaxing with the future in-laws, hitting up the new H&M, and ended in a freezing rain while trying (and failing) to fix my car.

Not so exciting, right? But it was just what I needed. We really got some time to relax in between the car mishaps, and it was awesome! Instead of dwelling on the weekend today, I just wanted to put my random Monday thoughts down on the proverbial paper.

monday on my mind

// I am trying to get the blog self-hosted on wordpress.org, and am struggling. Does anyone have any tips/advice/good resources I could use to help with the transition? I am super computer illiterate, but am ready to learn make this space my own.

// My MOH and I threw around some premature bachelorette party ideas this morning. I am loving the idea of a mini-getaway with my 21 and over maids for a party weekend in a nearby city. Nashville, Cincinnati, somewhere! I’m getting excited 9 months early!keep-calm-and-wait-for-the-bachelorette-partyvia.

// I love planning. So much. Not just in wedding land, but in my life. I currently have three planners on my desk and I’ve just been going through and updating them all. Makes my heart flutter!

// Speaking of fluttering hearts, my fiancé has been super awesome, especially after a hard weekend of slaving over my dumb car. He ROCKS.

// I maybe started listening to Christmas music in my office today…NO SHAME.

// We’re making Thanksgiving plans with our sides of the family this week and I am super pumped to eat like a boss. Plus I’m excited for our mini-Thanksgiving party for two next Saturday!!

// Which also brings me to one issue…I haven’t been to the trainers in weeks. I really need to go back (once the doc OK’s me!).


// I’ve been thinking about puppies lately…too bad I won’t get a little puggle wuggle for my house until next February at the earliest!

// I’ve been on a closet overhaul/online shopping extravaganza lately…and I’m not hating it. But my wallet is.

// Speaking of my wallet, I really need to get this assistantship I applied for last week. Send all good thoughts this way! Nothing like making money and getting great experience for my future career!


Now, I’ll let you all get on your merry Monday way! What’s been on your mind today?

Fashion, or The Most Versatile Word

Hi there and happy Monday! Today wasn’t a day I had planned on blogging, but a glorious snow day (full of rest and relaxation) has left me with the spare evening hours to write. And to smash in a few hours of studying and reading, because what’s a snow day without extra weekend-procrastination? Today, this entire weekend really, I have been thinking about one thing – fashion. I love clothes, and I love seeing everyone’s unique style. I think that even if you don’t put thought into your appearance, you still do in a way. You choose to wear something for a reason. I love my grey t-shirt because it’s a little loose, and so worn-in that it feels like a feather bed. Some people wear their Chinese Laundry wedges because they complement their adorable cropped jeans and flowing blouse combination. Honestly? I wish i had the eyes (and the wallet) to pull of the latter. My day-to-day attire generally consists of American Eagle skinnies, my black knee-high boots, and some version of my grey t-shirt, whether it be my blue-and-white stripped Express shirt, or an oversized-90s chambray I thrifted swiped from my mom. I really wish I had the eyes to see a piece that I can wear with three other pieces so I could create a complete but reasonable closet full of chic choices. So, today’s post is full of the girls whose style I admire; whether you run around in yoga pants, lie in a Mr. Rogers-esque cardigan, or are the envy of the office in a straight-out-of-the-glossy-paged ensemble, you have a style of your own, and you can always rock it!


[what i wore] Want a style blog that is full of street-smart, affordable, and ADORABLE outfits? Look no further than Jessica. She has an amazing philosophy about dressing to feel good, not to impress everyone around you. This standard and the endless fantastic outfits she pulls together time and time again have brought me around her blog for years!

[the//style//student] This girl is living the dream, no lie. Well, she’s living her dream, which should be inspiration to all of us! Nicole is a student at FIT in NYC, and does social media for Nanette Lepore (see: here) (also see: REALLY AMAZING FASHION LINE). She takes high-fashion statements and makes them wearable on the streets and in everyday life. She is a true inspiration, and she seriously has her shit together for someone at my age. Nicole, can you just be my guardian angel/muse?!


[brooke’s nooks] Brooke is a twenty-something whose preppy style is honestly enviable! I love that she brings her own touches to her style each day, not letting the pieces speak over her. She rotates her pieces and brings new life into each of them by changing up the way she wears each dress and top. I love the versatility that she brings to her outfits!

[good life] Jill has an amazing sense of style and she knows how to find pieces that can be used in almost every outfit, which is impressive and honestly something I’d love to bring to my wardrobe. When I first stumbled across her blog I was amazed to find out that she is the mom to two kids! She seriously looks like she is fresh out of college, which just goes to show you that finding your own style can keep you looking fresh and young every day. No need to change who you are or what you look like; just get dress to impress (yourself!)

[sidewalk ready] This last blog is a recent discovery for me, but it was love at first sight/read. Let me tell you about Kayley. Girl has STYLE, and she shares it with all of her readers, complete with tutorials and wallet-friendly fashion-finds. It is seriously an awesome blog for finding outfits that call out to your heart and that you can take to the sidewalk – literally!

Each of these amazing women really bring the idea of confidence and loving yourself into their blogs and their everyday lives, and that is something I admire in each of them! If there is anything you want to change about your style, make sure you have those two accessories by your side at all times. In order to truly be you in anything you wear, you have to love the body the outfit goes on!

What is your go-to outfit? Do you have any fashion blogs that you love to binge on?