Weekend Recap [Date Night Every Night]

Hi everyone! This little recap will be short and sweet; I had such an amazing weekend that this Monday is just bringing me down…but hopefully a butt-kicking session at the trainers today will change that! Let’s go ahead and see just what fun I was up to these past few days…

On Friday, I pretty much hopped right on out of my office into the freezing cold, 30 degree evening it was. Cold, rainy, and gross is the best way to describe it! I wasn’t feeling up to the trick-or-treaters (or trying to corral my pup all night), so I shot to the grocery, grabbed some candy and a pizza, and when I got home, I turned off all of the lights. I shut all of the blinds, closed the curtains, baked my pizza, poured all of the candy into a giant bowl, and I went up to my room for the night. I ate too much, read a ton, and watched about ten scary movies (exaggeration much). It was awesome. I had such a great time away from the elements and everything else outside, and I just relaxed. Ahh, what I’d give for another Friday!image2Saturday called for a long, wonderful day of relaxing yet again! Zach and I like to choose a day each weekend (or preferably, the whole weekend) to make zero plans and just enjoy a day at home. Saturday was the first one of those days that we have had since Zach had his appendix removed the first weekend in August! It was long-awaited. But it was glorious! We stayed inside to stay warm, and then around 5, we headed to town to catch a showing of Gone Girl at the Movie Tavern. Easiest dinner-and-a-movie spot around! We loved the food, I loved the movie, and then we grabbed some Baskin Robbins on the way home. Which brings me to a confession: true life, I love to eat ice cream when it is below freezing outside.


my handsome movie date being oh-so serious.

Sunday morning, I left he house around 11:30 to meet up with my family for some family photos! It was a birthday-early Christmas gift for my mom who never gets any good pictures of our whole family together, and seeing as our family will be growing next September, I figured what better time to get the gang together! Apparently they were expecting Zach to join me, but I had thought it was going to be the family minus future husband. Whoops! I felt kind of awful for leaving Zach out, but he was pretty pleased. He’s still camera-sick from our two-hour engagement session. I came home and finished up some homework, and soon after took a little daylight saving time nap. I woke up around five, and we decided to swing by and see some of our friends (and give them some baby gifts for their swiftly arriving daughter!). We lounged in Babies-r-Us (Zach says I have “the fever”. He may be right), visited friends, hit up the Whole Foods Market on the way home, and enjoyed the rest of our night with our little family.

image1Nothing like a dog snout to say “I love you humans, NOW PAY ATTENTION TO ME! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! I am hoping for a little engagement session sneak-peak on Wednesday! See you soon!

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Oh Hey, Friday [Halloweenie’s]

Happy freaking Friday, everyone! If I said this has been one hell of a week, who here would agree? Well, as I imagine a classroom full of hands flying into the air, let’s take a moment to celebrate all that is the weekend…and Halloween!

[one] I am really disappointed to say this, but…we totally forgot to carve pumpkins this year! I was so ashamed when Zach and I made the realization on Monday night. What kind of Halloween freaks are we if we don’t get our pumpkin on?! It’s ok though, today I have vowed to drink nothing but pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.


[two] I am also not dressing up as anything this year. HOW PATHETIC! We live in a neighborhood that is filled with little ones (and my parents do, too), but we just haven’t gotten out to hand out candy at all since we started dating. Zach has never handed out candy, mostly because he is a candy hoarder, but even if we did, tonight would not be the candy-handing-out type of night. Freezing temperatures plus rain equals…snow. Yep. I said it. Snow. No trick or treating for us!



[three] Also, although I have every opportunity to go out, drink, dress up, have a great night, and eat lots of candy with my friends, I think I am going to make it an introvert’s Halloween at the Jones household. This means I will be drinking, dressing up (in my pajamas), having a great night watching Halloween movies, and eating lots of candy by myself. SCORE.

[four] All I have to say is, if any small children ring my doorbell, all they get is the sound of a hyperactive husky barking like a maniac. Happy Halloween? (I’ll be too busy languishing in my Reese’s Miniatures coma).



[five] The best part of Halloween is, tomorrow morning, when I wake up, Jack Skellington will have brought me the best Hallow-Mas present ever…CHRISTMAS MUSIC ON THE RADIO! Mix-mas starts on the radio tomorrow morning, and our city is split in half; those who will be tuned in to 94.5 from now til Christmas Day, and those who will take the station off their presets until January first. Happy holidays!

(And Happy Friday!)

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Oh Hey, Friday! [Personalizing the Office]

It’s Friday, it’s Friday! La la la! I feel like I’ve ben waiting for this day all of my life. The hardest week of grad school (thus far) is over with, I’m half way through my semester, and in one week, MY BEST FRIEND WILL BE HERE! Granted, I still haven’t got the room ready (trip to IKEA, anyone?), but it doesn’t mean I can’t get pumped for the arrival of my BFF and her man! Let’s get to my five for this week, which is all about making my office my own space.

[one] I have been at my job for going on four months now, and the only personalization I’ve done is move the existing furniture around, and bring in a cute desk calendar. I have decided that I’d like to spice it up a little, because my space is pretty dull. I’m the only woman in our part of the office, so it makes me feel weird to put effort into my space, but honestly, some days I just can’t even want to be here because it’s so dull! Let’s bring back a nice littler reminder of what my space looks like.

office;aoisdhf[Side note: that was really fun to take…and my first successful panoramic shot!] As you can see, it’s a spacy office, but I literally have little to no personal touches. As of today, I’ve decieded a little bit of “me” in the office won’t hurt.

[two] The first thing on my list? Switch up the desk. Instead of keeping the computer where it is, I am going to push it (and the tower, mouse, and keyboard) to the back left corner. That will give me the desk space I want (it may look empty, but each time I try to write, I end up pushing my mouse and keyboard back and forth). I am also going to lift my computer just a bit with the help of a riser so that I am not hunching over the screen. I am also considering moving my bookshelf to the other side of my desk or further back against my back wall in order to allow me to push my desk against the wall.

[three] I am going to bring some unused picture frames (two for my desk and a large one for my wall) from home, as well as a picture of my family (which will be replaced again in November when we have new family pics taken) and a picture of Zach and I (after the engagement session). The big frame is already filled with random shots of family and friends.



[four] I am going to give myself a few fun things on the desk as well. I am going to get a personalized notebook to put on the right side for some personal notes or writing; really, whatever I fancy at the time. I got an English degree for a reason, might as well use it! On the bottom left corner of my desk, I am going to switch out inspirational quotes, pictures, or just something that’ll get my brain and motivation going. I want to make this a space that I want to come to, and when I’m here I want to feel inspired. I’m going to replace my dingy mouse pad too; not to diss Marathon (my aunt works for them!), but I need some color in my life! I also want just a little succulent for the top right hand corner of the desk. Getting some sunlight (from the window) and adding a little green will definitely help brighten my day!

[five] Finally, I want to create some space for my notes and a designated area for the clutter. I need to find a desk organizer that is cute and fun for the desk top (I can place it in front of my computer riser). I found one that I love, but, of course, it’s out of stock. So I’m on the lookout for cute, functional desk organization! I also want to give myself a space on my wall (near my desk, preferably) for a cork board. I want to have a place where I can keep my post-its, a little fun quote or two, and some of my must-have papers for the office. This way I can pull off my perpetual stickies form the computer frame!

It’s always easy to make your home office your own, but I’m just having trouble finding an appropriate way to personalize a space that still doesn’t feel like my own! How have you used your personality to spruce up your work place? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Happy Friday!

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Engaged [Wedding Wednesday]

Hello, beautiful readers! Happy hump day, and welcome to another wonderful wedding Wednesday!

I hope you all have had an amazing start to your weeks; mine has been a hectic race towards Thursday, so with just a day between me and that fateful occasion, my Wednesday has become a very happy day. Zach and I have had such a busy past few months with school starting (two different full time jobs and two different class schedules – YUCK!), and unfortunately we have had no time to slow down. This month is no different! I had two huge papers to write and turn in this weekend, so I pretty much holed up in the bedroom with my laptop, and ushered my man out of the room each time he got bored. You have to do what you can to keep focused on boring papers! This coming weekend is a working weekend for Z, and then we’re celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday on Sunday afternoon. Then, the weekend following, my best friend and her fiancé will be here (!!!) for the weekend. I am SO EXCITED! Best birthday present ever. Twenty three is looking good already.

With such a busy month ahead, there is one day in particular that both Z and I are looking forward to – albeit, my reasons are different than his. He took the day off for my birthday in order to spend some extra time with me. I took the day off because, well, it’s my birthday, and I want to spend time with him as well! The added bonus? We both found a day during the week where we had a free afternoon and evening. So, like any clear-minded bride would do, I found a spectacular photographer, and booked her for my birthday evening. Engagement photographs, here we come!

I can’t even begin to explain how stinkin’ excited I am to have these photographs taken. Here’s the brief gist of it: Zach hates taking pictures. Ta-freaking-da! I would fall head over heels for the guy who stares off into the distance (on purpose) when I try to take a picture of him. Selfies? If you ever see one on my Instagram, just keep this in mind: in order for me to take said selfie, there were at least five prior attempts where I’m smiling and he’s making a face, I’m making a face and he’s smiling, he’s staring into the distance like there’s an alien in the sky, and any variation of the aforementioned poses. All I ask for is a picture of us that looks like we love each other. It doesn’t have to be cheesy, it doesn’t have to involve throwing me in the air or twirling me around; I just want something that will look good in a frame on the wall.

With less than two weeks to go before the session, I have been freaking out over what I should be wearing. I think I have the outfits planned out (with the exception of shoes; I just want some short brown boots!), and to be honest I don’t care about the poses. I chose our photographer for a reason: she knows what she’s doing, and I think her photography is breath-taking. So I’m leaving the rest of it up to her. My big issue at hand? Where to take the pictures! It’s going to be mid-October, and the weather has ranged in the past week form the high-70s to it’s current 60 degrees and pouring rain. As any like-minded person would do, I referenced the online “Bridal Bible”…


[prepare yourselves for a photo-heavy moment here. bear in mind these are not my property! visit the tags below the images.]

I’ve come up with a few different options that work for indoor and outdoor locations, and with areas we can get to quickly locally. First up is the typical country outdoorsy field photos. I don’t mean typical in an offensive manner at all; rather, I think that these are absolutely beautiful and a definite great option for us considering our location!



The second option for the outdoors is a downtown location. Thankfully, we live in a somewhat big city, so we have a gorgeous downtown with both tall skyscrapers and tiny brick historical homes.



I am really thankful that we live in a nice sized city because not only do we live minutes from downtown and minutes from the farms, but we also have a ton of really cool local joints that would be amazing to have our engagement photos taken at! The first indoors option I have is…a bookstore. I can’t help it! I was an English major for a reason! To me there is something romantic hidden in between the stacks of books…



Another idea that goes hand in hand with the bookstore is the café. We have a great selection of both in town, and I mean really, how cute is this picture? I think quirky pictures are going to be abundant in our session.




The last idea I had for the indoor area would actually go best with the outdoor pictures. While I love the open area and the no-nonsense background of the fields, I also think that engagement pictures should have a little kick to them! If we get the chance to do outdoor pictures, I would really like to find a building or location that has a funky feature that we can use in our pictures.




I really love the quality that each of these photographs brings to the story around it, but I think that the most important thing of all is the two people captured. The most astounding thing about each of these photographs is the emotion you can see from both of the people in the photograph! I really can’t wait until I get to have some unique photos of Zach and I that I can go back to again and again and get giddy about how lucky I am.

And it won’t hurt to finally get a picture of us up in my office. It’s been looking a little bare.

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Wedding Wednesday

I guess now that I’ve gotten a few of these wedding posts up, I can start a collection down here! If you want to see any other part of my planning so far, feel free to click the link and read away!

The Engagement

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The Hunt is Never Over [Wedding Wednesday]

Hello, October!

I cannot even begin to tell you why this month is so exciting to me – oh, wait – yes I can! LIST TIME.

…pumpkins, pumpkin spice lattes, fall scented candles, birthdays, guests, Halloween movies, Trick-or-Treat, leaves changing colors, cooler weather, the end of one class and the beginning of another, and the list could go on.


OH WAIT, IT DOES! This month I get to take engagement pictures with Zachary and our wonderful photographer (whose name I will not say until I book her. Superstitious Rachael wants to make sure she can still shoot the wedding before shouting said photographer’s name from the rooftops). I also get to…SET THE DATE! Which means booking venue, photographer, and DJ (and caterer, if that is necessary), and FINALLY getting to send the cutest bridesmaid invitations ever. Which I’m still planning. But they are sure to be cute!


Ok, enough of the fake drama. I’m just really excited that it’s October finally. Favorite month, eva. Except for the part where this week alone I have two research papers due, and I have to have a presentation ready for class tomorrow…and we were informed of said project last night. WOO! Rachael on excess amounts of coffee is a scary, jittery machine. But a powerful machine, none the less. On to the wedding post!

So, after putting up last week’s post about venue number three, and as some of you may already know from my hey, Friday post…I did something every bride is warned about. I didn’t necessarily have second thoughts; I’ve really found some venues that I love in our venue search so far, and I know many of you can tell! However, I just wanted to make sure that I had scoured through all of my options. I wanted to be sure I hadn’t missed anything. Just when I thought my search was over…I found venue number four. It is a doozy, I’ll tell you that much! Get ready for the tale to end all tales.

(Not really, I’m just excited that I got to add one more FANTASTIC option to our already fantastic list of options.)

Venue number four is set smack dab in the middle of our hometown! Well, Zach’s hometown, my Kentucky hometown. Anywho, it is literally in the last place I would think of looking, but it is also a venue that I had already seen…a number of times. When I came across the venue on a wedding website, I smacked my forehead wondering how in the world this venue had slipped past my mind! Bridal brain, it’s real. So, the very second I told Zach the hunt was back on, and he agreed to meeting at another venue, I emailed the staff and asked if we could see the venue. The quickest response ever shot back into my inbox, complete with pictures of the venue for events, the catering choices (so many choices), and the price of rental plus all included items. She also said she was free that day to give us a tour, as she would be setting up for a corporate event. Quicker than I said yes to my future husband (just kidding…kind of), I replied that we would meet her at noon. I should probably mention that this email exchange occurred over two days. I sent the email on Thursday, and got the response on Friday…at 10:30am. So, one kind hearted, painless phone call to a sleeping fiancé later, we were going to visit venue number four.

This venue, like I said, is literally in the middle of downtown. Right next to college apartments (really nice apartments, thankfully), a college campus, the commerce buildings downtown, and quite literally everything I had been avoiding when thinking of venues. As soon as we pulled up to the venue, I began to get a bit nervous. As much as there is a great deal of distance between the venue and the apartments (there’s a huge field and horse track that separate us from civilization, much more than you can see in pictures), I could still hear traffic, and I was just overall nervous about being so close to so many random people. However, the second we entered the venue (a historic barn, none the less), all my fears faded. Besides the fact that it became utterly silent, not in an eerie way, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the inside of the venue. It. Was. Gorgeous. I have to begin by saying this is not your typical barn; rather, it looks barn-like, only with polished concrete floors, open three-story center, and beautiful white interior. It has so much simplistic character that we really wouldn’t need much besides our centerpieces for décor. Plus, the venue coordinator had pulled us in during set-up for a corporate event, as I said. This was a blessing beyond belief! I got to see the whole thing set up for over 200 people (yay), with over half the barn to spare for DJ and what-have-you (YAY), and complete with access and use of the entire second rotunda (YAY!!). It fit the bill in so many ways, and I still cannot believe it. As my grandma said when I called her later that day, “Rachael, if you don’t choose this venue, I think you may be blind”. Thanks, grandma.


We only spent a short amount of time there because I had to get back to my office, and they were still trying to finish setting up the venue. We wandered around on our own for a bit, visiting the outdoor ceremony area, and seeing where on the site we could hear traffic, and where we couldn’t. Which was pretty simple. In the parking lot? You can hear everything. In and behind the barn (AKA the only places our guests will be)? Silent. Like you walked into a bubble that is sound proofed to the rest of society. It was amazing! Let’s go over what else won us over – like what all the venue includes!

They are priced similarly to venue number one, not in the price range way, but in the way they set up their pricing. They have a set venue rental fee that allows 6 hours for the event, but all day access for set up. Here’s the breakdown of what’s included in venue number four:

  • venue space
  • tables and chairs
  • linens
  • set up and tear down
  • catering (price per head)
  • servers
  • beverages
  • bartenders
  • all needed china, glassware, silverware, etc.
  • cake table
  • gift table
  • some décor available (if needed)
  • day-of coordinator
  • free guest parking directly adjacent to the site

As you can see, the only thing this venue does not include that venue one offered is discounted guest rooms and a bridal suite (because this is not a resort, duh). But, that also means one thing…

(Here’s the scale one last time: $ [much lower than the budget] to $$$$ [dream on, girl])
This venue right here landed a spot on the rating scale at…$$$!!! It is basically right at our budget for the wedding. It is spot on. The only things that are left on that particular budget are DJ, cake, and photographer/photo booth! It fits right in at the perfect price, and is so customizable that, as the coordinator was telling us, if we give the caterer our budget, they will show us which meal options will help us stick with said budget. IT IS AMAZING!

As much as I would love to say our decision is made, I think it stands to say that three of our potential venues are golden tickets in my book. One of those venues is, and has been, marked off of our list. Can anyone guess which venue that is? Anyone? Buehler?

Venue number one has been off our list since we got the numbers. It is just way too much money for a venue that we weren’t all that in love with. The all-inclusiveness is what we were so in to, but it’s not worth it for a venue so overpriced and a venue that just isn’t “us”. I know a million other people may love that particular venue, and there is nothing bad about it! It was gorgeous, and had kind staffers, but it’s just not for us. So, venues two through four still stand. And now, we play the waiting game until the end of this month! At least it’ll be a fun-filled month to enjoy until then!



Now, let me update my little monthly wedding goals. Last month was a hit and miss assignment, and this month will be a little tough… but I’m determined to stick with it!

September Wedding Goals

[one] Get engagement ring insured [I suck, and my grandma scolded me. THIS HAPPENS IMMEDIATELY!]

[two] Figure out a beauty regimen

[three] Get new gym membership with Zach

[four] Finish making venue appointments

[five] Visit venues: take notes, take pictures, and ask every single question in my mind

October Wedding Goals

[one] Get engagement ring insured

[two] Engagement pictures

[three] Begin registering for gifts

[four] Make the guest list FINAL

[five] Finalize the budget

[six] Choose top three dates

[seven] Contact venue and photographer to see if top date is available

[eight] Book the date!

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Wedding Wednesday

Oh Hey, Friday! [Ready for the Weekend]

Today, I’ve decided to link it up with Karli over at September Farm and Amy at The Farmer’s Wife! I am so happy to be getting back into the blogging-swing of things, and I figured what better way than wrapping up the work week and taking a look ahead at the weekend. Here we go!

[one] Today was a bit sporadic…as in Zach and I decided to visit one more wedding venue. I COULDN’T HOLD IT IN TILL WEDNESDAY! I won’t go into immense detail, but I will say, if you stop by on Wednesday, there will be an entire post dedicated to the elusive venue number four (!!!). 1896814_10152375825896149_2781333906639502709_n

[two] Last weekend was the beginning of personalizing the house, which means that (drumroll please)…

THIS WEEKEND I MOVE IN FOR GOOD! We’re renting the Uhaul (which reminds me I forgot to call and rent the Uhaul…) for the weekend, and moving the rest of my things to the house. Which is going to mean a whole lot of sorting, tossing, donating, and organizing. But, it means I’m finally living in one place, not between multiple.

[three] We’re going to a first birthday celebration on Sunday! Our little man Gavin turned one this week, and his parents had to find time to squeeze in a rockin’ party before little sister Dakota shows up in early November! We’re so excited to spend time with our friends this weekend.

[four] Sunday evening also means…BOOK CLUB NIGHT! Which also reminds me I am WAY behind on this month’s book. Whoops! Better get my butt caught up, because it’s a Skype/wine/movie night, and I am so looking forward to it!


[five] As much as I am looking forward to next week (the first week of October, my birth month, a HUGE shipment from IKEA landing on my doorstep…) I’ve got a date with the dentist Monday morning. Yay, fillings!

Can we just agree to keep the weekend party going for the next, say…month or two?

See you on Monday!

A Late Wedding Wednesday [Venue Hunt]

Alright, y’all. I never promised these posts would be on time! I think less that 12 hours after the end of a Wednesday means I can still post this. Right?

REGARDLESS, here’s my wedding Wednesday! As you would imagine, it’s been a busy week. I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I’ve been at a full time job since May, and I started grad school a month ago (25% through the semester – WOO!). Unfortunately, that means the wedding hasn’t been put in the passenger side of the car, OR the back seat…rather it’s been stuffed in the trunk with some tape over it’s proverbial mouth. Yeah. It’s turned into a hostage situation. This wedding had no idea the mess it was getting itself into!

I digress…this week has been busy, not unlike the weeks since the proposal. Life is busy, and I’ve got the lemons to prove it. Here are my lemons this week:


let’s get motivational.

[lemon 1] We can’t set a date until, at the very soonest, mid-October. THIS. SUCKS. BIG. TIME. It’s literally the only stress that I feel when I think of The Big Day. Boo hiss, job schedules.

[lemon 2] I got the plague last week. That one where you get a horrendous cold complete with fever, aching, and “I’m dying” mentality. Thankfully, it is leaving my system quite rapidly.

[lemon 3] I have zero extra time or energy to take on a workout routine. This sucks more than anything. I’ve been trying to jump on this route of Fit Rachael for two years now, and it’s been on and off. Only this time? It’s just off. I feel so lazy and tired all the time, but I literally just don’t have the time to get the work in! I need to solve this one, stat. Thankfully, I’ve been in the kitchen during my spare time, so home cooked fresh meals have been the (somewhat) norm in the past three weeks.

So, with all these spare lemons to juggle, Zach and I have decided to take some proactive steps to make sweet, sweet lemonade. I won’t put these glasses in bullet form, but rather, I am going to explain one briefly, and one in detail.


the most beautiful wedding diary of all!

My first glass of lemonade was probably the key to opening my planner’s heart: I ordered a wedding diary from May Designs! If you have never heard of or seen these beautiful beauties (redundant, but accurate), CHECK THEM OUT! Totally customizable, from the cover, to the monogram, to the 80 pages inside! They are gorgeous. And I absolutely cannot wait to get mine in t-minus 3 days! It’s kind of a mix between planner and diary, which I like. Think budget sheets, blank monthly calendars, and space for all the notes your heart desires. LOVE! I also purchased an undated calendar so that I could have day-to-day space to write out specifics in the coming months. (And an Erin Condren Life Planner. I really have been drinking the planning-juice!)

But here is where our pitcher of lemonade is really coming from (at least for me): we’ve begun looking at wedding venues! It is the most exciting thing to pull up to a prospective venue and say, “Wow, I could be marrying the man of my dreams here in one year”. Sigh…so much fun! So glass of lemonade number two was last Friday afternoon as I pulled up to prospective venue number one.

It is a beautiful resort-style hotel in Kentucky that was suggested by my father of all people. Lucky me, I had the plague setting in, so I was quite under the weather, but man, was it a blast to get to start the search! Zach and I met with the event coordinator at the establishment, C, and off we went. The hotel has multiple areas to choose from when it comes to ceremony and reception events; four to be exact. We saw each of them, because with the current number of guests on our list, we could fit in each! We both fell in love with a climate-controlled outdoor tent with a side-set patio where we could have the ceremony. It overlooks a golf course, which of course can be quite the bonus. Luckily, we were informed that they do hold off all tee times so that no golfers will be rolling by as we say “I do”. (Insert sigh of relief here). It was absolutely breathtaking, and I loved the entire atmosphere of the space. It is more relaxed than the indoor ballroom space, but has enough aesthetics so as to not require much additional décor. We both loved it (although I wouldn’t say we fell in love with it), and were ready to hear the important details: numbers, numbers, numbers!


While I am not going to reveal total costs here, I will go ahead and say what all this venue covers in its costs. It’ll be a nice frame of reference for me, and possibly even for other brides out there looking for venues in the future! After the listing, I will rank it by dollar signs. Our scale will run from $ (much lower than the budget) to $$$$ (dream on, girl).

Venue One [resort-style hotel]

  • discounted guest room block
  • complimentary bridal suite for night of wedding (with discount for night before available)
  • reception site
  • catering
  • catering staff
  • beverages (alcohol [wine, beer, liquor], soda, tea, coffee)
  • bar staff
  • all needed china, glasses, silverware, etc.
  • tables, chairs, and linens
  • cake table
  • gift table
  • dance floor
  • décor available (if needed)
  • wedding coordinator (not just day-of)
  • complimentary parking (valet – extra cost for guests)

…and I believe that’s it. Which sounds like an understatement to me! Basically, all this venue does NOT include is: cake, DJ, photographer, attire, and favors. Unfortunately, the ceremony site at this venue is an additional cost, but it is not a ghastly amount. However…

This venue gets a rating of $$$. Actually, it is almost bordering four dollar sign status. But, after showing my parents the actual numbers, they said to keep it on the list for reference as we go on to see two more venue this and next Friday. Obviously, this venue has the clearest pros and cons. Pro? It includes almost EVERYTHING in the price of rental. Cons? It costs almost an arm and a leg. And maybe a few fingers from the other hand. So, as we go on to see the next few venues, I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is what all the venues do not include, and how much that is going to cost us in addition to the rental price.

Until next time…have a great Thursday (or late Wednesday, as I like to call it)!

Wedding Wednesday