Weekend Recap [Date Night Every Night]

Hi everyone! This little recap will be short and sweet; I had such an amazing weekend that this Monday is just bringing me down…but hopefully a butt-kicking session at the trainers today will change that! Let’s go ahead and see just what fun I was up to these past few days…

On Friday, I pretty much hopped right on out of my office into the freezing cold, 30 degree evening it was. Cold, rainy, and gross is the best way to describe it! I wasn’t feeling up to the trick-or-treaters (or trying to corral my pup all night), so I shot to the grocery, grabbed some candy and a pizza, and when I got home, I turned off all of the lights. I shut all of the blinds, closed the curtains, baked my pizza, poured all of the candy into a giant bowl, and I went up to my room for the night. I ate too much, read a ton, and watched about ten scary movies (exaggeration much). It was awesome. I had such a great time away from the elements and everything else outside, and I just relaxed. Ahh, what I’d give for another Friday!image2Saturday called for a long, wonderful day of relaxing yet again! Zach and I like to choose a day each weekend (or preferably, the whole weekend) to make zero plans and just enjoy a day at home. Saturday was the first one of those days that we have had since Zach had his appendix removed the first weekend in August! It was long-awaited. But it was glorious! We stayed inside to stay warm, and then around 5, we headed to town to catch a showing of Gone Girl at the Movie Tavern. Easiest dinner-and-a-movie spot around! We loved the food, I loved the movie, and then we grabbed some Baskin Robbins on the way home. Which brings me to a confession: true life, I love to eat ice cream when it is below freezing outside.


my handsome movie date being oh-so serious.

Sunday morning, I left he house around 11:30 to meet up with my family for some family photos! It was a birthday-early Christmas gift for my mom who never gets any good pictures of our whole family together, and seeing as our family will be growing next September, I figured what better time to get the gang together! Apparently they were expecting Zach to join me, but I had thought it was going to be the family minus future husband. Whoops! I felt kind of awful for leaving Zach out, but he was pretty pleased. He’s still camera-sick from our two-hour engagement session. I came home and finished up some homework, and soon after took a little daylight saving time nap. I woke up around five, and we decided to swing by and see some of our friends (and give them some baby gifts for their swiftly arriving daughter!). We lounged in Babies-r-Us (Zach says I have “the fever”. He may be right), visited friends, hit up the Whole Foods Market on the way home, and enjoyed the rest of our night with our little family.

image1Nothing like a dog snout to say “I love you humans, NOW PAY ATTENTION TO ME! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! I am hoping for a little engagement session sneak-peak on Wednesday! See you soon!

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Oh Hey, Friday [Halloweenie’s]

Happy freaking Friday, everyone! If I said this has been one hell of a week, who here would agree? Well, as I imagine a classroom full of hands flying into the air, let’s take a moment to celebrate all that is the weekend…and Halloween!

[one] I am really disappointed to say this, but…we totally forgot to carve pumpkins this year! I was so ashamed when Zach and I made the realization on Monday night. What kind of Halloween freaks are we if we don’t get our pumpkin on?! It’s ok though, today I have vowed to drink nothing but pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.


[two] I am also not dressing up as anything this year. HOW PATHETIC! We live in a neighborhood that is filled with little ones (and my parents do, too), but we just haven’t gotten out to hand out candy at all since we started dating. Zach has never handed out candy, mostly because he is a candy hoarder, but even if we did, tonight would not be the candy-handing-out type of night. Freezing temperatures plus rain equals…snow. Yep. I said it. Snow. No trick or treating for us!



[three] Also, although I have every opportunity to go out, drink, dress up, have a great night, and eat lots of candy with my friends, I think I am going to make it an introvert’s Halloween at the Jones household. This means I will be drinking, dressing up (in my pajamas), having a great night watching Halloween movies, and eating lots of candy by myself. SCORE.

[four] All I have to say is, if any small children ring my doorbell, all they get is the sound of a hyperactive husky barking like a maniac. Happy Halloween? (I’ll be too busy languishing in my Reese’s Miniatures coma).



[five] The best part of Halloween is, tomorrow morning, when I wake up, Jack Skellington will have brought me the best Hallow-Mas present ever…CHRISTMAS MUSIC ON THE RADIO! Mix-mas starts on the radio tomorrow morning, and our city is split in half; those who will be tuned in to 94.5 from now til Christmas Day, and those who will take the station off their presets until January first. Happy holidays!

(And Happy Friday!)

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[First] Five On Friday!

Alright, y’all, I think it’s time for a good old-fashioned link up! Today, for the first time, I’m teaming up with the good life blog, a. liz adventures, carolina charm, and hello! happiness for a….


[one] Spring break plans!

It’s time to start getting a nice vacation plan together for Z and I. With me in school and Zach working night shift all week, we hardly ever get any time off together (besides the lightening-fast weekends). For the past two years, spring break has been our time to see each other during the day when I would normally be in class, and a time for him to squeeze in a little vacation time during the busy part of the year. Last year we hit up Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and it was AMAZING. We walked everywhere from our quaint little cabin room (complete with KING SIZE bed and jacuzzi tub!), enjoyed doughnuts in the square (which I can no longer eat), and just had a great time with each other in a new city for three days. This year, we are just beginning to figure out what we want to do and if we can afford to take a mini-vacation, and so far Chicago has been thrown around the most. So, either we’ll be seeing a whole lot of this, or we’ll be headed back to the beautiful Smokey Mountains!


Chicago circa 2006!

[two] Movie Date Nights!

Tomorrow night, Z and I are going to see a super serious movie, one that I practically had to beg him to go to with me. I don’t know why guys are so difficult to persuade! Tomorrow, we are going to see…


The Lego Movie! We have been dying to see this movie for months, ever since we saw the preview last summer, I believe! It looks hilarious, and since we are kids anyways at heart, I think it’s safe to say we’ll love it.

[three] Looking Nice!

Today, I made myself look nice. I decided yesterday that 22 is the age at which I decide to actually look good and put some effort into my appearance. Unfortunately I recently tossed most of my old makeup supply, so I couldn’t dress up the face too much, but I got the rest of myself looking good instead.


Please excuse the cruddy selfie. How do you people do this and make yourself look good?!

[four] Pinterest Procrastination Obsession

Alright. All I have to say about this is that whoever created Pinterest is a genius / was a college student / should be my best friend. For real, I think I could live on Pinterest. But no, really, can I?! (PS, you should check out my boards. They’re out of control.)

[five] Makeup Replacement

Number five this week is makeup shopp – I mean replacement. Since I tossed so many essential items away over my winter break, I have finally decided it is time to update the collection. I found some amazing sales on Ulta yesterday (free shipping on $25 dollars and up, and $3.50 off of $10 or more!) and all of a sudden my feet were flying over the ground. Well, my fingers were flying over the keyboard. I did some extensive research at work on my own time, and I finally found the products I have been waiting for. Stop by next week to see the haul!

Have a great weekend and stay warm to those of you who are stuck in the snow-pocalypse!