Oh Hey, Friday! [Personalizing the Office]

It’s Friday, it’s Friday! La la la! I feel like I’ve ben waiting for this day all of my life. The hardest week of grad school (thus far) is over with, I’m half way through my semester, and in one week, MY BEST FRIEND WILL BE HERE! Granted, I still haven’t got the room ready (trip to IKEA, anyone?), but it doesn’t mean I can’t get pumped for the arrival of my BFF and her man! Let’s get to my five for this week, which is all about making my office my own space.

[one] I have been at my job for going on four months now, and the only personalization I’ve done is move the existing furniture around, and bring in a cute desk calendar. I have decided that I’d like to spice it up a little, because my space is pretty dull. I’m the only woman in our part of the office, so it makes me feel weird to put effort into my space, but honestly, some days I just can’t even want to be here because it’s so dull! Let’s bring back a nice littler reminder of what my space looks like.

office;aoisdhf[Side note: that was really fun to take…and my first successful panoramic shot!] As you can see, it’s a spacy office, but I literally have little to no personal touches. As of today, I’ve decieded a little bit of “me” in the office won’t hurt.

[two] The first thing on my list? Switch up the desk. Instead of keeping the computer where it is, I am going to push it (and the tower, mouse, and keyboard) to the back left corner. That will give me the desk space I want (it may look empty, but each time I try to write, I end up pushing my mouse and keyboard back and forth). I am also going to lift my computer just a bit with the help of a riser so that I am not hunching over the screen. I am also considering moving my bookshelf to the other side of my desk or further back against my back wall in order to allow me to push my desk against the wall.

[three] I am going to bring some unused picture frames (two for my desk and a large one for my wall) from home, as well as a picture of my family (which will be replaced again in November when we have new family pics taken) and a picture of Zach and I (after the engagement session). The big frame is already filled with random shots of family and friends.



[four] I am going to give myself a few fun things on the desk as well. I am going to get a personalized notebook to put on the right side for some personal notes or writing; really, whatever I fancy at the time. I got an English degree for a reason, might as well use it! On the bottom left corner of my desk, I am going to switch out inspirational quotes, pictures, or just something that’ll get my brain and motivation going. I want to make this a space that I want to come to, and when I’m here I want to feel inspired. I’m going to replace my dingy mouse pad too; not to diss Marathon (my aunt works for them!), but I need some color in my life! I also want just a little succulent for the top right hand corner of the desk. Getting some sunlight (from the window) and adding a little green will definitely help brighten my day!

[five] Finally, I want to create some space for my notes and a designated area for the clutter. I need to find a desk organizer that is cute and fun for the desk top (I can place it in front of my computer riser). I found one that I love, but, of course, it’s out of stock. So I’m on the lookout for cute, functional desk organization! I also want to give myself a space on my wall (near my desk, preferably) for a cork board. I want to have a place where I can keep my post-its, a little fun quote or two, and some of my must-have papers for the office. This way I can pull off my perpetual stickies form the computer frame!

It’s always easy to make your home office your own, but I’m just having trouble finding an appropriate way to personalize a space that still doesn’t feel like my own! How have you used your personality to spruce up your work place? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Happy Friday!

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Wednesday Talk



[one] The weather has been sitting pretty at 60-70 degrees this whole week with a WHOLE lot of sun streaming through my windows. I could so get used to this. And the next three straight days of thunderstorms can stick around, too, if it means getting that heat!

[two] MY CATS ARE IN THE FINAL FOUR! This is extraordinarily exciting, I must say. I always hoped that they would make it back for my senior year after an AMAZING March Madness full of celebrations in 2012. But now I’m ready to continue to celebrate this week with another (hopeful) win!

[three] Last night I got to spend three hours out on a dining patio with my family. In shorts. Outside. See number one.

[four] As much as I am so excited for graduation, I really want to go ahead and throw in an extra week, starting now, called “Spring Break Part II”. Cause I’m tired, and cranky, and just so busy. I just need a few extra days to catch my body up.

[five] I decided to take a 3.2 mile jog at the beginning of the week to enjoy the wonderful weather. Life lesson? Don’t jog 3.2 miles if you haven’t been jogging in a few months. Just don’t. My legs are begging you.

[six] Even though I have fallen short on my Lent goals, I have been keeping chocolate out of my diet for the most part. Let’s just say I cannot wait until the 20th because I know there are some Cadbury caramel eggs waiting for me to devour…

[seven] I have been getting better and better at nailing my diet goals each week, but now I really need to start getting a little bit stricter on my dinner plans. This is difficult because of the part where I live in my childhood home currently and my mother isn’t fond of me taking up the kitchen. Anyone have any simple meal ideas?

[eight] I watched Frozen again last night. Can you say addicted? I bet Olaf would be a happy snowman if he were in Lexington right now.

[nine] The boy is currently in a super important meeting with some banking personnel, and I am anxiously awaiting his message letting me know how everything has gone. Let’s just say some big life changes are coming about and I’m really excited to see which path I get to start obsessing over!

[ten] It’s now April (where did March go?), which means new goals will be coming around soon! Plus some more personal insight into life, liberty, and the pursuit of chocolate. Keep an eye out!

Keeping Promises

I’ve told you all many a time about my plans for fitness and budgeting, and I’ve also told you all how well that has gone. And by well, you should know by now I mean my reality has fallen shorter than short when it comes to my goals. I have failed, and the only person I can hold responsible is myself. Time and time again I have set some very easily accessible goals for my savings account and my health, but time and time again I find myself gravitating towards the couch or that cute tunic at J. Crew. How can you hold your promises to yourself as well as you can with a friend or a sister?


I wish there was an answer easy enough for me to just spit it out, understand, and enact, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening in that manner. I have seen the results from my diet change, but I know that without any shred of fitness, I will stop seeing these results and I will be perpetually stuck with a soft body and health issues. I see how great it feels to watch my savings account fill up, reaching numbers I have never seen before, but then I find a pair of shoes I love more than any shoes I own. How do I get myself past these hang ups? How do I depend on myself to say “no” to these guilty pleasures?

I think that it’s time for me to take a new approach, check in on myself mentally, gain some healthy motivation and inspiration, and to take this fight to a personal level. This isn’t about showing you all how I do at keeping the billfold closed, and it’s not about showing you all how I look in a bikini – or naked! This is all for ME. This is all a set of selfish indulgences, but they are the healthy indulgences I need to take on. I need to save that money – not to prove that I can to my readers, but so that I can start to pay off my loans when they come around in the very near future. It’s so that I can plan a well-budgeted and fun wedding in the also somewhat-near future. It’s so that I can feel comfortable buying the things I need – food, gas, tuition, car repairs – without feeling afraid of having no cushion to fall back on in case of a bigger problem. I want to be fit so that I can love seeing my body without covering it in layers; I want to get healthy so that I can bear children someday without the health risks or complications. I want to workout so that I can be a great example to my future children and so that I can live to see THEIR future children. I need to be healthy because that’s what it takes to live life to the extent to which I want to live it.


It’s time for me to take my promises seriously, not as a passing fad or a part-time position. I need to save now, I need to work now, I need to relax NOW. I’m at the perfect place in my life to make these changes, and the only person I need to be responsible to is myself. I will keep these goals in my monthly goals, but that is all that you will hear from me on the topics of working out and saving money. I may bring up health and wellness from time to time, or I may share a trick I’ve learned that helps me save grocery money, but aside from that, I won’t be bringing anything personal to this blog unless it is something I won’t be guilting myself over. This blog is for fun, for opinion, for life, and for adventure, and I plan to live that adventurous life while fulfilling my promises.

Wednesday Talk

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[one] Spring break is in a week and a half. Which roughly equates to “Rachael’s spring break starts in a week because she’s going to Cleveland next Wednesday!” Talk about really excited. Because that’s what I am right now. Best friend reunion, concert at the House of Blues, best time of our college lives. Nothing can beat this, but I will continue.

[two] My workload this week is through da roof. Gangsta speak totally necessary. I feel a little bit of a cold coming along, and to be honest it could just be the side effects of a rough week, but the constant headache/haze that I’ve been in is no longer welcome. I have approximately: 5 response papers, three midterms, one blog post, and a weird map portfolio (not my words, that’s the actual name of the portfolio) due in the next 7 days. Looks like this weekend will be busy.

[three] Speaking of the weekend, guess who wants to go see 300: Rise of an Empire? If you guessed Rachael, you were wrong. Well, only partially, because I get to watch 300 with Zach on Saturday before we go. Michael Fassbender? Yes, please. Zach is a man, men love 300, men love to kick things over and yell “This is Sparta”; therefore, those of you who guessed that this was the boy’s choice have earned your gold star for the day.

[four] Monday’s snow day has quickly fallen into Tuesday’s rough drive to work and Wednesday’s “icy fog” as the weather-persons across the Bluegrass are calling it. I’m just ready for the sunshine-and-70 days to come back. Please?

[five] Did anyone else realize that Sunday is Daylight Savings Time? Cause I did today, and it cued the freaking out side of me. Wasn’t it just October, like, yesterday? I’m not complaining, but I must admit; I’m going to miss that hour come Monday morning.

[six] With spring break right around the corner, Zach and I have been rummaging around to find something to do. Last year sparked a cute, exciting trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, as I mentioned in a previous post. We were hoping to make another long weekend trip to a big city, Chicago perhaps, but our budgets gave us a resounding “no”. So, to make up for the fact that he already took two days off for me and the other art where we still want to go somewhere, we’ve decided to take a day trip. I already know where, but you will have to wait to find out! (mwahahah!)

[seven] Yesterday was one delicious Fat Tuesday even if I did stay in with the killer migraine and a date with Sigmund Freud. However, today brings about the day of truth! Lent is upon us. Yeah, yeah, I’m not Catholic, but having grow up in a Catholic school and a Methodist family, we see the sentiment and reason behind Lent; giving up something that really shouldn’t be in your life for whatever reason. Many people get pissy about people who give up junk food, but I think it should be whatever you like. I personally gave up chocolate, soda, and negative thinking for the next 40 days. Your body is a temple, and I definitely DO NOT treat it as such, so these three steps should help steer me in the right direction.

[eight] Today being Ash Wednesday means I may be making the trek to the family church. This morning, I woke up to a post from my parent’s pastor telling everyone that the ashes today are gluten free! I laughed a little, appreciated the sentiment, and then started wondering where those ashes come from. Burnt bread? Maybe. Either way, some people commented on the post, saying it was silly and wondering if it would be “organic” too. I, personally, found it a very kind gesture for those of us who would break out with the other ashes. People need to hold their tongues if they aren’t going to consider all those around them.

[nine] Wow, I’m getting kind of preach-y today. Sorry about that. Let’s just say, my emotions are running rampant this week, and my opinions have been coming out of their caves.

[ten] It’s Wednesday! Thank goodness for being halfway through the work-week, for the remaining health (that may be gone tomorrow), for a heat wave (here’s looking at you, 50 degrees!), and being one step closer to the end of the semester.

Getting To Know You (Me)

In life, there are certain things that happen. We live, we die, we work, we eat, we play, we learn, we have fun. And, if we’re lucky, we make some amazing friends! So, today, I’ve decided it’s time for you all to learn some more about me! There’s a theory in psychology that says the more you share with others, the more comfortable and open your relationship becomes, so lets strengthen our blogger-friendships!


The ABC’s of Me

A – Age: 22

B – Birthday: October 20th

C – Color: Purple or blue

D – Drink: Vitamin Water XXX

E – Eyes: Green/Gray

F – Flashback: freshman year of college (so innocent!)

G – Gent: That would be Zachary, you know him 🙂

H – Hobby: Reading, and lately exercising. It’s kind of fun!

I – Indulgence: Gelato. Fun books. Netflix. A million other things.

J – Job: Student/Office Worker

K – Kiddos: I like to watch them but have no time for them (yet)!

L – Love: to many things! Reading, writing, traveling, learning, talking, exploring my city, etc.

M – Music: Anything but country. Sorry!

N – Nickname: Rach

O – One Wish: to pass Italian

P – Pets: none. Hopefully a little puggle soon! (right, Z?!)

Q – Quote: today? “whatever you are, be a good one.”

R – Residence: home….with my parents :”(

S – Siblings: Two! Little brother and sister.

T – Temperature: at the moment, a balmy 40 degrees! (HALLELUJAH!)

U – University: University of Kentucky *SOON TO BE GRAD*

V – Vehicle: A beautiful black Honda Civic. My baby!

 Worst Habit: saying things without thinking about what I mean.

X – X-ray?: 3 years ago!

Y – Yuck: Sick season (aka right now).

Z – Zodiac: Libra

And there you have it! Pretty basic, but I just wanted to let you all in on a little bit more of the personal side of me. Next week will be a few more personal posts as well, and I’m so excited to share them with you! Be on the lookout for some fun posts, and a nice Fitness Challenge post on Monday! Have a great Friday!