Getting To Know You (Me)

In life, there are certain things that happen. We live, we die, we work, we eat, we play, we learn, we have fun. And, if we’re lucky, we make some amazing friends! So, today, I’ve decided it’s time for you all to learn some more about me! There’s a theory in psychology that says the more you share with others, the more comfortable and open your relationship becomes, so lets strengthen our blogger-friendships!


The ABC’s of Me

A – Age: 22

B – Birthday: October 20th

C – Color: Purple or blue

D – Drink: Vitamin Water XXX

E – Eyes: Green/Gray

F – Flashback: freshman year of college (so innocent!)

G – Gent: That would be Zachary, you know him 🙂

H – Hobby: Reading, and lately exercising. It’s kind of fun!

I – Indulgence: Gelato. Fun books. Netflix. A million other things.

J – Job: Student/Office Worker

K – Kiddos: I like to watch them but have no time for them (yet)!

L – Love: to many things! Reading, writing, traveling, learning, talking, exploring my city, etc.

M – Music: Anything but country. Sorry!

N – Nickname: Rach

O – One Wish: to pass Italian

P – Pets: none. Hopefully a little puggle soon! (right, Z?!)

Q – Quote: today? “whatever you are, be a good one.”

R – Residence: home….with my parents :”(

S – Siblings: Two! Little brother and sister.

T – Temperature: at the moment, a balmy 40 degrees! (HALLELUJAH!)

U – University: University of Kentucky *SOON TO BE GRAD*

V – Vehicle: A beautiful black Honda Civic. My baby!

 Worst Habit: saying things without thinking about what I mean.

X – X-ray?: 3 years ago!

Y – Yuck: Sick season (aka right now).

Z – Zodiac: Libra

And there you have it! Pretty basic, but I just wanted to let you all in on a little bit more of the personal side of me. Next week will be a few more personal posts as well, and I’m so excited to share them with you! Be on the lookout for some fun posts, and a nice Fitness Challenge post on Monday! Have a great Friday!