Ten Things

Welcome to Monday, friends! I hope you all had the best of the best as far as weekends go. This past weekend was a huge upgrade from the last one; no downsides whatsoever! Spent all day Saturday exploring with my love, and all day Sunday with family and friends. It. Was. Awesome. Here, I have proof:


Isn’t that just a beautiful family? How great. For now, I’ve decided to start a (n abridged) goal from my 101 in 1001…ten lists of ten things! Today’s ten things are…

Ten things…that will always make me smile

[one] Buzzfeed articles with silly husky pictures in them.

[two] My dad’s impression of anything. Yesterday was an interpretation of the song “Low Rider”. Interesting doesn’t even begin to describe it.

[three] A beautiful view. I snapped the picture below from the top floor of my office building.

2014-04-21 15.11.20

[four] Doggie kisses.

[five] The laughter of a baby. They are just so cute, and so hilarious! Lucky me, there are quite a few new babies expected by friends this fall.

[six] When Zach gives me a frown as I leave for work on Monday’s. It’s priceless, especially because he’s always half-asleep.

[seven] Texts from my best friend. Enough said.

[eight] Pinterest will ALWAYS make me smile. So many different interesting hair styles and tattoos and beautiful living rooms. God bless the inventors of Pinterest.

[nine] Starting the day on a chair in the sun.

2014-04-21 10.28.40

[ten] The Android emoji update The excitement of new beginnings.

What makes you smile?