These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

HI there! I know, I am just as surprised as you are. A blog post…on a Tuesday! Here’s my secret…I used that little post scheduling tool. Makes it a bit easier for me to fit an extra post in each week! Today I am joining a really fun link-up, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things! It’s all about this gift-giving season (and getting in that Christmas spirit). With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, it’s time to see what’s on my wish list!

My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things by organizingatrainwreck featuring a flat woven wool rug

[one] This scarf is screaming “Rachael! Buy me!”, and I am trying to hold off! It’s the perfect maroon color (my college colors), and it will be just right for my winter wardrobe. Can Loft do no wrong?

[two] Leopard print flats, my friends. These suckers need to be in my closet, pronto! I have been searching for some cute, comfortable leopard flats, and I think it’s time to indulge. They are definitely nearing the top of my wish list!

[three] The Instax Mini 25 is pretty much awesome. It’s literally a mini Polaroid camera! Except it’s a Fujifilm, so I’m pretty sure it’s blasphemy to say the “P” word here. Anywho, I would absolutely love this camera for Christmas. It can fit perfectly into my purse, and I can snap a quick picture wherever I go. I love to make memories, and I especially love to keep them. This would be a great addition to my camera family!

[four] FLANNEL PJ’S. Can I get an “amen”? (Jess, if you’re reading this, I know you’re saying it with me. I have the pajama collection of a teenager, and I want to get the pajama collection of an adult with the heart of a teenager. These Target PJ sets? The answer.

[five] Rugs are always on my miiiiiind… This rug would be the perfect addition to our rapidly changing home! Hopefully, come spring, we will have new flooring downstairs, and this rug would look mighty fine in our dining room!

[six] Again with the maroon! Loft tops are my life, and this one is no different. It’s the type of no-collar neck that I love, and it just looks like it would be so comfortable to wear all day, every day! I hope it finds a home in my closet soon…

[seven] …again with the Loft! (Sense a pattern here?) Although it is winter, I still need to spruce up my spring/summer wardrobe as well! Jeweled tops are a hit in my book, and I would love to wear this layered or when the spring time comes around!

[eight] What better item to wrap it up with than…another top from Loft! This striped long-sleeved tee would be great for work or play…or whatever is in between! It is soft, loose enough, and just simple enough to go with anything!

We all love to get these wish lists together, but what I am most thankful for this year is the gift of celebrating with everyone I love! I am so excited for Christmas this year, it’s going to be a blast! What are you looking forward to the most this holiday season?

Linking up with April, Elise, Katie, and Zelle!



The Way It All Began

In the past two years, I have been made more and more aware of how obsessive I am about organizing, well, everything. Zach has made it a point to laugh at my color coordination and sigh at my crazy organizational methods, and although his chiding can frustrate me, I know it’s his way of loving my crazy. And I like to embrace that crazy, thank you! Organization makes me happy, it calms me down, and I just love to get my life in order. Now I’ll take the time to throw out a quick disclaimer; not EVERYTHING in my life is organized, and some things really should never come close to being put on the to-do list. Love comes naturally, friendships as well, and to a point, learning shouldn’t touch a list either. I just like to have some order in the few things I can control, and the beginning of a new year always brings about a new chapter of cleaning, sorting, and figuring out my life and the random things I’ve accumulated over the last 365 days.

As you can probably gather, today was that day! And I feel so. much. better. I cleaned out my closet (not in the Eminem way), put my work and class schedule in my planner and Google Calendar (aka my lifesavers), and generally cleared my room/purse/life of the crap that had been getting in my way the past few months. Instead of spring cleaning, I take the coldest day of the year (not an impossible task on January 6th…) and plunk myself down in the middle of my bed in order to get it all done. And damn, does it feel amazing. I’m ready to head back into my (last) hectic semester and onto some exciting but nerve-wracking new adventures.


the room in all it’s glory…a perpetually unfinished project.

If you are ready to start the new year with nothing but a cleared state of mind, here are a few tips on how to get it all started:

  • First off, buy a calendar/planner/free calendar app/what have you so that you can have your schedule written down in front of you (always a plus)
  •  If you have a schedule, write it out! If you can get the basic step out of the way, you’ll have no trouble at all. If there isn’t a schedule that is set, just make sure to keep your dates or appointments written down. You’ll never double-book yourself again!
  • As far as your room goes, start with the basics; if you can’t walk in the door without tripping, start with the floor! If you’ve already got that figured out, head to your closet. There are always a few pieces that you haven’t touched in months, weeks, days, or hours. Figure out what falls where, and then toss accordingly! Are you a pack-rat? Throw out anything that isn’t truly personal. Letters and cards can stay; notes from a 5th grade boyfriend you haven’t seen since…5th grade? TOSS.

baskets are my friends.

  • Repeat after me: Baskets are my friend. They help hold on to the necessary clutter without providing a cluttered view. My baskets hold tools, camera junk, desk items, sheets (no linen closet), medicine, and about a million other items as well. Again, baskets are your friend!
  • Figure out where you want everything to belong. If it has a spot that you know of, you can – and will! – put it there. Every day. All the time. Just do it, ok?!
  • As far as your life goes, the calendar should do it. If there is an empty slot in that planner, use it ANY WAY YOU WANT. Free time? Do it. Trying to get back into yoga? Do. It. Catching up on The Bachelor? YOU BETTER DO IT (What do you think I’m watching as I type this? Juan Pablo is one dreamy Venezuelan…).

Now whatever has been holding you back? Ditch it. Kick it to the curb like that ragged ex you should have left years ago! (Men, you can do all of this too, note the gender ambivalence) Throw out the crap that has been filling your life, apply this to whatever you would like, to actual cleaning guidelines or in a metaphorical way of cleaning out your day-to-day life. Find out what you love, what matters most to you, and then find a way to do it regardless of your work or school schedules.

New years are celebrated because they are whatever you want them to be, do, share, or create. Get to it!

What Feels Right

Growing up in my family was never really stressful or uncomfortable; I had my moments of “That’s not fair!” and “Why can’t I do (blank) now?”, and I’m sure everyone else has too. However, after years spent learning lessons and growing up and out of my parents’ reach, I understand more of what they were trying to teach us. As my siblings and I grew up, we also grew used to my dad’s table talk, or his “high-horse speeches” as we have come to call them. Dad’s lessons always stemmed from his own experiences growing up, his growth in his faith, and the lessons his business successes have taught him, and my brother and I (and someday my little sister) both really appreciate what he is telling us. From my dad we learned why my grandma always goes crazy for Christmas gifts and why we really never NEEDED any of the gifts we begged for; we learned what a bargain was good for (if only I’d known a guitar in exchange for four years of marching band slavery was not a good bargain); and lately, as I approach my final semester of college and my brother continues in his post-secondary journey, the topic of jobs has come up. Sure, jobs have surfaced before as he pushed us to find a job during high school and to save all the money we could, but lately it has been put in the direction of finding what will make us happy and what will help us make a life for ourselves and our future families.

While I know my dad only means the best for my brother and I, these career talks have really stressed me out. In the past 5 months my biggest fear has been making the wrong choice; I don’t want to work in a job that I will hate, but I don’t know that I have an attainable Dream Job. I would love to be an editor or an event planner, but I also don’t want to move away from Kentucky. It’s become my home, and a few special people in the state have also become my home, and I couldn’t leave them. So the editing dream is gone. Event planning is a joke of a job to most people, and those who do venture into the business are jumping into a shark pool of sorts; the career is crazy competitive, and I don’t know how I can fit into that crazy world (even though I would love – LOVE – to be a part of it). After hearing about how important it is to find a job that you love, because “if you don’t love your job, you’ll end up more and more spiteful towards it each year”, I want to find “The One”. I know it’s out there, and I know that no matter what, I will be happy, but after hearing from the wisest man I know, I can tell that loving your job really is an important aspect of my future.

Today, I received an acceptance letter into graduate school for a Master’s in Higher Education, and I really think I could love the job; I don’t want to think I love it, I want to know like I know how much I would love to coordinate events or edit up-and-coming novels. So, instead of finding a whole slew of new things to worry about, I’m going to look at the bright side; I have options. My dream is never going to go away, and it will never be impossible to reach either. And if I decide to go with the unknown, I will find a way to love my job, or at least to love my life. I have some amazing people who will be going into the future with me, and I know for certain that that alone will help me settle into what feels right.